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Shakira Settles Her Millions Of Dollars Worth Fraud Case By Paying Over $8 Million Of FineShakira Settles Her Millions Of Dollars Worth Fraud Case By Paying Over $8 Million Of Fine
Shakira Settles Her Millions Of Dollars Worth Fraud Case By Paying Over $8 Million Of Fine(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Shakira is a Colombian popstar who has been in the spotlight since the beginning of this year, when she was accused of committing tax fraud in Spain. According to reports, the singer failed to pay millions of dollars in taxes on her income for the years 2012-2014. She denied these claims and refused to reach a settlement with prosecutors. Instead, she said that she would leave the case up to the law. The trial was over before it began as the singer agreed that she would pay a fine amounting to approximately $8.1 million.

The whole thing began when the prosecutors discovered Shakira’s residence status between 2012 and 2014. They claimed that she was living in Spain, but listed her official address elsewhere. According to Spanish law, anyone who spends more than six months living in the country is required to pay tax.

The Hips Don’t Lie star claimed that she spent little time in the country because she was on tour abroad. In July, the prosecutors published documents claiming that Shakira did buy a house in Barcelona, which was a family home both for her and Gerard Pique. They accused Shakira worth $16.2 million. If she pleaded guilty, prosecutors demanded that she be sentenced to eight years in prison and pay a fine $26 million.

The Waka Waka star claimed that tax authorities were targeting her because they wanted her money. She even claimed that she paid tax of about $18 Millions of dollars After declaring her Spanish residence as her residence in 2015, Shakira has moved to the United States. Shakira, when offered a settlement from the prosecutors in 2015, refused it and declared she believed in the conduct of the court.

BBC reports that Shakira made a deal to settle her tax fraud case with the prosecutors just before the trial was to begin. The singer has agreed that she will pay approximately $8.1 million (7.5 Million) She then released a statement revealing the reason for the settlement.

Shakira has criticized the Spanish tax authorities, claiming that they have filed similar cases against high-profile athletes and celebrities. She continued, “While I had been determined to defend myself in a court that my lawyers believed would have ruled my favor, I made the decision to resolve this matter in the best interests of my children, who don’t want to see her sacrifice her own well-being to this fight.”

She also stated that she wanted a break from the years of stress.

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