Winona Ryder Was Fired from a Movie Two Years After Her Famous Shoplifting Controversy. The Director Claimed, “She was Robbing Everything in Sight.”

When Winona Ryder Was Caught Stealing Behind The Scene On A Movie Set, Director Revealed, "She Was Robbing Everything In Sight"When Winona Ryder Was Caught Stealing Behind The Scene On A Movie Set, Director Revealed, "She Was Robbing Everything In Sight"
When Winona Ryder Was Fired From A Movie Set for Stealing Behind The Scenes, Director said “She Was Robbing Everything In Sight” ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Winona has faced many controversies throughout her life. From her heartbreaking split with former boyfriend Johnny Depp to facing bullying for her ‘Gothic’ appearance in her debut film ‘Beetlejuice,’ Ryder’s life’s been a movie with many plot twists. Ryder’s 2001 shoplifting controversy, which almost ended her career, and also caused her to disappear from Hollywood for some time, will never compare. However, did you know the stealing stint, in which she was found guilty despite initial resentment, also landed her a role – but she ended up being fired from the sets for shoplifting again? Yes, you heard it right! Scroll down to find out more.

In the ’90s Ms. Ryder became an A-lister after being recognized as one the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Throughout her career she has not only played many iconic characters but also received many accolades including a Golden Globe Award. A Screen Actors Guild Award. A BAFTA Award. And two Academy Award nominations. Her most notable films include Beetlejuice (1998), Heathers (1989), The Age Of Innocence (1996), and Little Women (1994).

Winona was arrested in 2001 after being caught shoplifting. USD 5,000 Worth of products from a Beverly Hills store. After a trial she was fined and given probation and community service. The ‘Girl, Interrupted’ star initially denied the allegations and said she was only doing research for a film where she would play a kleptomaniac character, but she was eventually found guilty of grand theft and vandalism, which led to her ban from Hollywood. She was also sentenced for three years probation and 480 community service hours. She also had to pay $3,700 In fine, $6,355 Restitution to the store

Winona Ryder was forced to leave Hollywood after the incident. She landed her first job after the scandal in 2003, landing a role as Brown Bunny. The film was written and directed by Vincent Gallo. The director, according to reports, never intended to give her a larger role in the movie but wanted to use her shoplifting scandal to generate buzz for his film. Ryder was fired after she was caught stealing from the set. Yes, again!

According to The Guardian, Gallo claimed he had only cast Winona because “I knew she was going to jail, and this will be good for the movie… I would never cast Winona Ryder in a significant role.” “She wasn’t in great shape,” he said. “And she was robbing all that was in sight.”

This wasn’t the only time Ryder had been fired from a film. According to reports, she was fired because she starred as Heathers. The dark teen comedy is now considered a cult favorite, but it was not well-received back then. In a 2013 V magazine interview, Stranger Things’ star Ryder revealed that she was fired from a film because she did Heathers. She added, “I had been cast in a film, but the director saw a preview and was offended and fired me.” It wasn’t for many years that [the film] “Become more appreciative.”

Winona will next be seen in Stranger Things Season 5 reprising her role of Joyce Byers.

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