Will ‘It Followings’ Sequel Claim More Lives? Here’s why the original holds up and needed a sequel

Why It Follows Holds Up & Needed A SequelWhy It Follows Holds Up & Needed A Sequel
It Follows: Why This 2014 Horror Film Holds Up & Fans Are Now Getting A Sequel In ‘They Follow’ (Photo Credit – IMDb)

It Follows does not seem like the type of horror movie that would have a follow-up. The 2014 horror film, directed by David Robert Mitchell, told the story of teenagers who were stalked by ghosts. The upcoming sequel They Follow may reveal more.

It Follows’ premise is that teenagers in a suburban area become victims of a viral infection that attracts ghosts. When one of the teens receives this curse of sorts through a s*xual encounter, they start seeing ghosts slowly marching towards them. No one else can see them, and if the ghosts catch up to them, they will kill their victim. The only way out of the curse is by passing it on to another person, creating a game of death.

The curse of “it” became a fascinating symbol in the film. With a deadly curse being passed through s*x, the film’s symbolism holds similarities to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Director David Robert Mitchell has opened up about how his film is not about the fear of the dangers of s*x, but rather the acceptance of mortality amid passion. It’s a particularly poignant piece of terror, having lived through COVID-19, where there was fear of death, illness, and a questioning life amid loneliness.

The director is also not settled on the origins for this virus. He has stated that he is not interested in the origins of the curse, but rather how the characters handle it. It doesn’t really matter because the story is about getting to know these teenage characters, and experiencing their feelings of desperation and yearning for life.

What will the sequel They Follow bring? It’s impossible to predict the outcome of the next chapter after so much has passed. Tom Quinn, the co-president of Radius-TWC and the film’s production company, had stated that he would be open to a follow-up that could explore where “it” originally came from. Mitchell’s words about the film suggest that he is less interested in a sequel.

David Robert Mitchell will once again direct the film, and Maika Monroe will reprise her role as Jay. Considering she survived the experience, she will offer some new insight to some new victims of the curse – unless it takes on a new form in the sequel. The film will be released in theaters sometime in 2024 with Neon as its distributor.

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