When The Crown’s Helena Bonham Carter Recalled the Ghost of Princess Margaret, She Gave Her Blessings & Advised Her to “Get The Smoking right”

When The Crown's Helena Bonham Carter Recalled Princess Margaret's Ghost Gave Blessings To Play The Role & Praised Her; Read OnWhen The Crown's Helena Bonham Carter Recalled Princess Margaret's Ghost Gave Blessings To Play The Role & Praised Her; Read On
Helena Bonham Carter’s Spine-Chilling Remark That She Said To Princess Margaret’s Ghost Before Acting In The Series. (Image Credit: IMDb).

The historical drama The Crown has been making headlines since the first season of part 1 of season 6 began streaming online. The show is known to cover several years of Queen Elizabeth and her family members’ lives. Helena Bonham Carter, a British actress, plays the role Princess Margaret in this show.

Although the actress excelled at her role in a British TV series, a spine-tingling experience profoundly affected her and provided her with invaluable insights that she used to portray her character in the acclaimed show. Scroll down to learn more.

Helena Bonham Carter, in an episode of The Graham Norton Show shared her remarkable experience of having a conversation with Princess Margaret’s spirit. Their connection seemed to transcend the mortal realm since they had met before Princess Margaret died in 2002.

Helena Bonham Carter reflected upon the momentous occasion when she sought Princess Diana’s blessing on her portrayal. She emphasized the deep sense of responsibility that comes from incarnating a real-life person. “She said she’s glad it was me. “My main thing is that when you play someone real, you want their blessing as you have a duty,” she said.

Helena Bonham Carter was regally surprised by the response she received from Princess Margaret. The departed princess conveyed her satisfaction with Bonham Carter‘s casting, affirming that “you’re better than the other actress’ … that they were thinking of.”

This revelation left Crown actress in awe and strengthened her commitment to her role. Princess Margaret, who was even in the realm beyond, gave her advice and stressed the importance of mastering how she smoked. According to the actress the spirit said, “Get your smoking right.” I smoked in a very particular way…the cigarette holder was as much a weapon for expression as it was for smoking.”

Helena Bonham Carter’s dedication to capturing a royal figure’s essence transcended her physical appearance to include all of her quirks. The British actress’ account, regardless of one’s position on the supernatural or not, adds a mysterious element to her illustrious career in entertainment.

The production of The Crown season six was stopped following the death Queen Elizabeth.

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