When Reply 1988 Fame Park Bo gum Faced Major Backlash for Promoting A Controversial Religious Cult Led by A Religious Cult That Suggested Critically ill People Undergo Exorcism

Reply 1988 Star Park Bo Gum Once Courted Controversy For Promoting Controversial Church Led By A Religious Cult!Reply 1988 Star Park Bo Gum Once Courted Controversy For Promoting Controversial Church Led By A Religious Cult!
Park Bo Gum was once criticized for promoting a church led by a religious cult! ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Park Bo Gum is a K-drama star who never fails to captivate us with his stunning visuals. The South Korean heartthrob, also known as Bogummy to his fans, is known for his romantic roles that always make his fans swoon and leave them wishing for more. Reply 1988, Encounter with Song Hye Kyo or any other show, the actor/singer’s enigmatic charisma is always the star of the show.

Park Bo Gum has a cordial relationship not only with his co-actors but also with Song Joong Ki and BTS’ V. Bogum, unlike many other showbiz celebrities, has avoided controversy and his colleagues have often praised him. However, did you know the ‘Record of Youth’ actor was once at the center of a dispute for allegedly promoting a religious cult? Scroll down to find out all the details.

For those who do not know, Park Bo Gum is a Christian and has posted religious quotes on social networks. The actor was criticized this time after he posted a tweet inviting people to attend an event hosted by controversial Jesus Centered Church.

According to Koreaboo, the actor invited his fans to a prayer session at the church in 2017. The church was previously alleged to be run by a cult. According to reports, the church had already been under fire for making blatant claims about religion. For example, they preached that people should go to the hospital instead of praying, and urged people who were in critical condition to undergo exorcisms instead of medical treatment. It was also involved in the death of a woman back in 2000 who died at the conference led by the church’s pastor – she reportedly attended the church to cure her illness.

Park Bo Gum changed his church after the backlash on social media. He also addressed the controversy. “I am a regular Christian.” He said, “I’m disappointed that my Church has been in the spotlight because of this.” He added, “I am neither a member of a New World Order nor a cult.” Live Journal reported that the Love in the Moonlight actress said: “If I were, I would already have left.”

Park Bo Gum will star in the new K-Drama Good Boy. He will portray a policeman role in the highly anticipated drama.

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