When Gal Gadot Raised Issues Of Pay Parity In Hollywood, She Called Getting Equal Salaries As Male Co-Stars “Her Biggest Struggle”.

When Gal Gadot Got Real About Female Actors' Fight For Equal Pay In HollywoodWhen Gal Gadot Got Real About Female Actors' Fight For Equal Pay In Hollywood
Gal Gadot Once Voiced Her Opinion On Pay Disparity In Hollywood(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Women face discrimination in all walks of life because our society is still patriarchal. In the entertainment world, including Hollywood, female actors often raise their voices against the lack of pay parity, and even ‘Wonder Woman’ Gal Gadot had to join in to express her disappointment with it once. Scroll down to learn more.

The Israeli actress is well-known for her role as Wonder Woman within the DC Universe. She is also known, like many other celebrities, for voicing her opinions with boldness. Emma Watson, Gwyneth paltrow, Viola Davis Jennifer Lawrence and others have also spoken out about the pay disparity among Hollywood’s female actors. It is not just an issue in the West. It’s a global problem.

In 2021, the actress starred in the National Geographic Series, Impact With Gal Gadot. During its virtual press conference she addressed the pay gap in Hollywood. Gal Gadot spoke about her fight for equal pay as a female with her male co stars. The actress who shot into fame as Wonder Woman in DC Universe’s old version is one of most influential people in the industry.

Gal Gadot, when asked about the pay gap, said: “My biggest struggle (as a woman) has been equal pay with my male co-stars whom I love so very much. As a female, that was the biggest thing. “As a human, I have had to deal with many other issues.”

Besides Gal, in 2015, Gwyneth Paltrow opened up on it and told Variety that it felt ‘sh*tty’ to get a salary way less than her male co-stars. She even brought up her MCU co-star Robert Downey Jr. and said that the pay gap was just shocking.

Gal, but also many others, have talked about it to this day. The situation seems to be improving slowly, but it will still take time for things to change for the better.

Gal Gadot is also getting a lot more criticism for her support of Israel in their war against Palestine. She plans to screen a 47 minute video showing the horrific Hamas attacks from last month. People on social networks are calling for her to boycott the film. According to reports, Ghosted’s Ana de Armas has unfollowed Justice League’s actress on Instagram.

Gal Gadot’s last work was in Netflix’s Heart of Stone, alongside Jamie Dornan, Alia Bhatt and Bollywood star Alia.

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