When Black Panther producer settled the debate about who’s smarter Shuri or Tony Stark and declared Letitia Wright MCU character the winner!

When Black Panther Producer Called Letitia Wright's Shuri Smarter Than Tony Stark In The MCUWhen Black Panther Producer Called Letitia Wright's Shuri Smarter Than Tony Stark In The MCU
Black Panther producer once cleared the air around the debate of who is smarter: Tony Stark or Shuri! ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

The MCU has a lot of superintelligent characters like Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. Online, there was a debate about who is the most intelligent person in the MCU: Tony or Shuri. Letitia and Robert Downey Jr. play the titular characters. The Black Panther producer clarified this a few years ago. Scroll below to learn more.

Letitia made a debut in the MCU as T’Challa’s sister in the first BP of 2018. She took over the mantle of Chadwick after his death in Wakanda Forever. Her brilliant mind was showcased in both the 2018 MCU film and Avengers: Infinity War. She outsmarted Bruce Banner while attempting remove Vision’s Mind Stone.

Nate Moore clarified to Screen Rant that Letitia Wright’s Shuri, who plays Tony Stark in Black Panther, is more intelligent. This is especially true because Wakanda has a highly advanced technology. Moore said that Shuri is the most intelligent person in the universe, smarter even than Tony Stark. However, she’s 16 years old. We thought this was fascinating. Nate added, “Again black faces in positions or technological know-how are rare.”

Black Panther’s producer described it as one of the important parts of film. Shuri has displayed her brilliance on multiple occasions, whether it be by creating upgraded weapons using Vibranium or by developing a super cool BP Suit. She also healed Martin Freeman’s agent Ross when a gunshot hit him. She healed the wound that could have paralyzed him.

Shuri also cured Bucky after he was brought to Wakanda after the Civil War by Captain America. Bucky Barnes had been brainwashed by HYDRA, and suffered from a lot trauma. She helped him recover.

She also displayed her shrewdness when she enhanced the functionality of her nation by incorporating Vibranium to every aspect. Wakanda was now one of MCU’s most advanced and hygienic nations.

Shuri, on the other hand, achieved most of her feats when she was very young. She was barely in her early twenties at the time of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Tony Stark was a genius, who created his Iron Man suit with limited resources in a small cave. He never stopped, he upgraded his suit and weapons. He also saw him develop new things with Nanotech. Tony created Vision, which made time travel possible.

Shuri is a very bright young woman. She will achieve more when she reaches the age of Tony Stark. We are sure that the fans cannot wait to see this.

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