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'Saltburn' Director Emerald Fennell Says She Wanted To Make People Feel Something With Jacob Elordi & Barry Keoghan Starrer!'Saltburn' Director Emerald Fennell Says She Wanted To Make People Feel Something With Jacob Elordi & Barry Keoghan Starrer!
‘Saltburn’ Director & Writer Emerald Fennell Opens Up About Explicit & Disturbing Scenes In Jacob Elordi & Barry Keoghan’s Dark Dramedy!(Photo Credit –Imdb)

Saltburn, the film starring Jacob Elordi & Barry Keoghan has been a hit with the public for its disturbing graphics & explicit scenes. According the writer and director Emerald Fennell the intention was to make the audience “feel”. The twisted thriller released on 17 November in the UK has been a hit with critics and audiences alike, despite its flaws. Rosamund Oliver, Alison Oliver and Rosamund Pike will also play pivotal roles in the film. It is expected to be released globally on November 22, 2023.

The dark comedy, set in England during the mid-2000s follows a young student, Oliver (Barry Keoghan), whose heart is captured by his wealthy classmate, Felix (Jacob Elordi), who invites him to spend the summer at his family home. The film’s central plot is a game of obsession and deception that unfolds during their summer adventure. Driven by ambition, obsession, and hunger to strive for a better future, Oliver aims to overcome class differences, while his fascination with Felix forces him to question his s*xuality.

Emerald Fennell said she was happy that people could have different opinions about the titillating scenes in Saltburn.

“We just wanted people to feel something.” She said that some people were screaming and others were squealing. “Some people have turned on, others are freaked-out, and still others are furious. Some people don’t care. You want people to spill into the streets and go out to drink and talk,” she continued.

Fennell also shared more insight into the film by saying that it is about people being taken over by grief and horror, love and sadness which causes them to do crazy acts.

Emerald revealed to Pinknews in a recent interview that although there are no LGBTQ+ characters directly featured in Saltburn’s story, queerness has been woven into the “fabric” of the film. “This is a movie about desire and how it can take on any form. It’s important. Yes, of course. [queerness is] “Saltburn is a part of the fabric of Saltburn,” concluded she.

Emerald Fennell has written and directed critically acclaimed films like Careful how you go and Promising Young Woman. She has also appeared in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie as well as the historical drama The Crown.

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