Timothee Chalamet’s SNL skit about Hamas during the ongoing Israel-Palestine War backfires and gets brutally criticised by netizens as they call it “Absolutely Sick”.

Timothee Chalamet's Hamas Joke On SNL Backfires & Gets CriticizedTimothee Chalamet's Hamas Joke On SNL Backfires & Gets Criticized
Timothee Chalamet’s Hamas Skit On SNL Gets Criticized & Sparks Outrage Online(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Timothee Chalamet’s Saturday Night Live performance had been a big hit, but now it has taken a bad turn. People are showing their disappointment. Chalamet made a Hamas joke on the show Sunday, amid the ongoing Israel-Palestine War. The sketch featured Wonka’s star and comedy group Please Don’t Destroy. Continue scrolling to learn more.

For the unknown, celebrities have received a lot criticism for taking a position, and also for not saying anything about the whole thing. The suffering continues despite the fact that many lives have already been lost. Hamas’ attack on Israel occurred on October 7th.

Timothee Chalamet’s joke on the Israel-Palestine War, which he was hosting for the second time, has caused a lot offence. In the sketch Timothee is shown as an aspiring singer about to leap off a high-rise building. Three passersby convince Timothee to do something else. To stop him from committing suicide, they promise him support on social media even though his music is truly terrible.

The three passersby then asked him the name of his band, to which Timothee Chalamet says it’s ‘Hamas’ pronounced as ‘Hay-mus.’ Then one of the three shouts, “Dude! I’m not posting a Hamas song on Instagram!” SNL’s official Instagram account has shared this sketch. You can view it here.

Netizens criticized the SNL sketch in the comments section. One user called the sketch “tasteless at best.”

Another person said, “When is SNL going to be sensitive and stop making fun of issues like these? What is happening is not funny, and it never will be.

Thirdly, a third person said: “Children have been murdered; what kind joke is that?”

“Is war supposed a be funny? Is war funny now? Now, the deaths of women and men are funny.?” “Absolutely sick. It’s a real genocide where people are dying and the first thought that comes to their mind is to write a joke for SNL about it? Do better,” This is in poor taste. SNL must be held accountable.”

And, “the fact he agreed to make jokes about Hamas or Palestine is just SO displeasing and unfortunate.”

Another wrote, “Imagine “joking” about something that left thousands of children dead…”

And, “Shame on you @tchalamet and everybody involved.”

Wonka by Timothee Chalamet is set for release in December.

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