Iron Man can be beaten too! From the Shaggy Dog to Due Date, here’s the Flop-List!

Robert Downey Jr's Box Office Disasters Ranked From Bad To WorseRobert Downey Jr's Box Office Disasters Ranked From Bad To Worse
Robert Downey Jr’s Box Office Disasters Ranked: From Due Date & The Soloist To Dolittle, Here They Are Listed From Bad To Worse (Picture Credit: Facebook & IMDB)

Robert Downey Jr. may be synonymous to box office gold. His popularity skyrocketed as high as Iron Man’s in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even the superhero of the silver-screen had his share of turbulence.

From a distance, it’s easy for you to marvel at RDJ’s success, but every career has its peaks, and RDJ is no different. Here are Downey Jr.’s films that were not quite up to par. They range from mildly disappointing all the way to being downright disastrous.

1. The Shaggy Dog (2006)

"The Shaggy Dog" (2006)"The Shaggy Dog" (2006)
“The Shaggy Dog”, (2006) (Image credit: IMDb).

This family comedy in which Robert Downey Jr. played an antagonistic prosecution didn’t do a lot to showcase his talent or draw in audiences, resulting in a lukewarm performance at the box office.

2. “Due Date” (2010)

"Due Date" (2010)"Due Date" (2010)
“Due Date” (2010) (Picture Credit: IMDb)

Robert Downey Jr. ventured into the road trip comedy genre by partnering up with Zach Galifianakis in “Due Date.” The film was a financial disappointment despite some laughs. (unbelievable, right!)

3. “The Soloist” (2009)

"The Soloist" (2009)"The Soloist" (2009)
“The Soloist” (2009) (Picture Credit: IMDb)

This drama starring Downey Jr. in the role of a journalist who befriends an homeless musician (Jamie Foxx), received praise for its performances, but failed to capture a wider audience. The result was a disappointing box-office return.

4. “Richard III” (1995)

"Richard III" (1995)"Richard III" (1995)
“Richard III” (1995) (Picture Credit: IMDb)

Robert Downey Jr. played a supporting part in “Richard III.” In an effort to conquer Shakespeare, Robert Downey Jr. chose a role that would allow him to do so. Unfortunately, the movie didn’t resonate well with moviegoers. It was a highbrow film that only a few people were interested in.

5. “Charlie Bartlett” (2007)

"Charlie Bartlett" (2007)"Charlie Bartlett" (2007)
“Charlie Bartlett” (2007) (Picture Credit: IMDb)

The unconventional role of Charlie Bartlett’s disillusioned principal didn’t translate into ticket sales, despite the positive reviews.

6. “Air America” (1990)

"Air America" (1990)"Air America" (1990)
“Air America” (1990) (Picture Credit: IMDb)

This early action-comedy film, which also starred Mel Gibson, saw Downey, Jr. in the sky, but failed to soar on the box office. It barely made a dent in its production costs.

7. “Two Girls and a Guy”, 1997

"Two Girls and a Guy" (1997)"Two Girls and a Guy" (1997)
“Two Girls and a Guy”, 1997 (Image Credit: IMDb).

Two Girls and a Guy was a low budget film that slipped by the cracks. It showcased Downey, Jr’s dramatic skills but lacked a commercial appeal.

8. “Dolittle” (2020)

"Dolittle" (2020)"Dolittle" (2020)
“Dolittle” (2020) (Picture Credit: IMDb)

After the MCU, expectations for RDJ’s next big project were high. Sadly, the film “Dolittle” was a financial and critical failure, with high production costs that led to substantial losses.

The Unfortunate Reverse Side of RDJ’s Cinematic Legacy

This list is a reminder that even the most successful actors like Robert Downey Jr have had their share of failures. RDJ’s resilience is also a testament to his ability to bounce back.

These films may not have been among our favorites as Downey Jr. fans, but they add depth to his eclectic filmography. Have you seen some of the lesser-known RDJ flicks? What are your opinions on his performances?

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