Song Hye Kyo & BTS’ V’s Deepfakes – AI-Generated Shocks The Internet as Fans Raise Concerns About Artists’ Privacy.

BTS V & Song Hye Kyo's Shocking Deep Fakes Disturb Fans Who Raise Concern Over AI-Generated GIFs!BTS V & Song Hye Kyo's Shocking Deep Fakes Disturb Fans Who Raise Concern Over AI-Generated GIFs!
BTS’ V & Song Hye Kyo’s Deepfakes Shock Netizens Who Flag Concern Over Artists’ Privacy! ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Artificial Intelligence has both its benefits and its drawbacks. AI can be very useful when it is used to produce resourceful details. However, things can quickly go south if it is used for other motives. Recently, deep-fake images of BTS singer V and Korean actress Song Hye Kyo have appeared on social media. This has caused concern among fans.

Recently, a social media post titled “Song Hye Kyo’s Deep Fakes and BTS V are Pretty Shocking”, which showed the actress’s and the singer’s AI generated GIFs, went viral. The GIFs looked very similar to their original versions. No one could have guessed that they were deep-fakes until a netizen with keen eyes pointed out that SHK and V had never posted such photos/videos.

Song Hye Kyo has a huge fan base in South Korea. Some of her most critically acclaimed dramas include – The Glory (2022), Descendants of the Sun (2016), Encounter (2018), That Winter, the Wind Blows (2013), Autumn In My Heart (2000), and Full House (2004).

Kim Taehyung, who is more prominently known as V, is BTS‘ lead singer – who is known for his deep vocals and pleasant looks. The singer is a popular Korean artist on social media. He recently released his first studio album, Layover.

Deepfakes – which we won’t be sharing, for obvious reasons – have fans who think it’s time agencies and artist’s managers took action to stop accounts who engage in these activities. Many have expressed concern about using the faces of artists to create AI versions that enhance their facial features or other body parts.

BTS’s agency BIGHIT MUSIC is taking action against those spreading malicious rumors and rumor mongering against the septet. BTS members have been on a temporary hiatus in order to complete their military service requirements and pursue their solo projects. The septet consists of RM, Jin Suga, J Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook. The Bangtan Boys are scheduled to reunite by 2025.

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