Matthew Perry’s Neighbor Reveals Some Shocking and Disturbing Details About What He Saw. “I Kind Of Expected It …”” Describing All That Happened

Matthew Perry's Neighbor Spills Out Some Shocking & Disturbing Details Of What He Saw, Says "I Kind Of Expect It..." Matthew Perry's Neighbor Spills Out Some Shocking & Disturbing Details Of What He Saw, Says "I Kind Of Expect It..."
Matthew Perry’s Neighbor Spills Out Some Shocking & Disturbing Details Of What He Saw, Says “I Kind Of Expect It…” (Photo Credit – IMDb)

Sunday, October 29, 2023, will now be remembered as the day when the world lost its first friend ‘Chandler Bing’ Matthew Perry. Those who have watched even a single episode of Friends & we know the number is way too big even to count, will surely re-run the heck of their favorite sitcom, remembering the one who wasn’t really good at giving advice but was an expert at making everyone laugh out loud with his sarcastic comments.

The last thing Perry’s fans & friends would’ve wanted to hear was how he was ‘found’ dead at his apartment & not that he peacefully passed away, making the whole world feel the exact ‘opposite’ of laugh-out-loud.

The man behind one the most beloved comical characters, reportedly drowned in his hot-tub after a call was made about a cardiac event.

On Saturday night, after all of this happened, Matthew Perry’s 17-year-old neighbor was awake to witness a little ‘too much.’ From police arriving at the scene to some details he termed as ‘disturbing.’ What are they? Find out more about them!

The neighbor told the US Sun: “They [his siblings] I was outside my neighbor’s front door. I didn’t give it much thought at the time. [the] Police started to arrive and everything. They didn’t hammer on the door, they kept quiet.”

Matthew Perry’s drug addiction is well-known, and his neighbor mentioned it in his statement. He added, “It’s very disturbing and sad after all these years.. from his addictions and whatnot.”

He also said he did ‘kind of expect it’ after seeing all the mess & chaos outside Perry’s room, “I saw everything; I feel bad for my younger siblings. I was very upset. I expected it, but not so soon. He’d only lived there a short time.”

Matthew Perry was, as his neighbor described Matthew Perry, a “friendly genuine guy” who loved to have fun. It has also been reported that John Bennett Perry (82), his mother Suzanne, and Keith Morrison (his stepfather) were among the very first people who arrived at the scene.

A few days ago, our beloved Friends‘ Chandler posted a photo of him relaxing in the swimming pool, and now there is a White tent erected near the same place to hide things from the media drones.

Matthew Perry’s drug and alcohol addiction affected his role as Chandler in Friends. He also went through a 28 day detox program in 1997. In February 2001 he returned to rehab for a second time, this time to deal with his addictions to Vicodin and methadone. He also had problems with alcohol, amphetamines and alcohol.

This is a tragic ending for one of the most famous comedic actors in history. Rest in power, Perry. Yes, we will all swallow our feelings even if that means we are unhappy forever.

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