Matthew Perry’s Biopic: Timothee Chalamet, Daniel Radcliffe and Zac Efron are all in the cast

Matthew Perry's Biopic: These 5 Actors Can Nail The Role Of Friends' Sarcasm King In His Life StoryMatthew Perry's Biopic: These 5 Actors Can Nail The Role Of Friends' Sarcasm King In His Life Story
Matthew Perry’s Biopic: These 5 Actors Can Nail The Role Of Friends’ Sarcasm King In His Life Story (Picture Credit: Instagram & IMDB)

Matthew Perry, the actor who played our beloved sarcasm-king Chandler Bing on Friends, died on October 28th at age 54. The actor was discovered unconscious in his hot tub at his LA home. The actor’s sudden death came as a shock for his fans. Many also filled the Friends apartment in Manhattan with tributes in his memory. As people read through the actor’s memoir, there are discussions about his biopic. Zac Efron was chosen to play Perry. Here are some other actors we think would be brilliant in the role.

Perry was in the public spotlight for most of his adult life, but it would be a difficult task to portray him, given his struggles with alcohol and drugs. Perry even said that he didn’t remember filming some seasons of Friends.

Zac Efron, the star of High School Musical, has expressed interest in playing Matthre in his biopic. However, other actors such as Cole Sprouse and Daniel Radcliffe could also be perfect for the role. Let’s find out more.

Cole Sprouse

Cole Sprouse, the only young actor who has seen Matthew Perry in Friends as Chandler Bing, is the only one to have closely observed his work. The Riverdale actor played Ross’s child Ben in the show, and shared scenes with all six actors. It is also important to note that his age is appropriate to portray this role.

Zac Efron

We understand why the actor was approached to play his 17 Again Co-star Matthew Perry. Efron is not only talented, but could also explore the comic side and the substance abuse side of the late actor. The High School Musical actor has now called Perry a role model and said that he was honored to hear the late actor thought of him to direct his biopic.

Daniel Radcliffe

Yes, Harry Potter. If you consider the actor’s age and talent, as well as his physique, he would be a perfect choice to play Matthew Perry. We should also keep in mind his perfect transformation into Weird Al for the biopic of the latter, which will be released in 2022.

Timothee Chalamet

Timothee Chalamet is a talented actor. There is no doubt that the actor is brilliant. He is already carrying on the legacy of Willy Wonka and he could nail his role as Matthew Perry. We shouldn’t forget the hard work that the actor puts in for each role.

Jeremy Allen White

The Bear star has already proven to be a master of comedy and drama. Jeremy Allen White’s expertise and experience in the field will help in bringing out a great biopic of the late Friends star.

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