Matthew Perry Is No More, But These Times When Chandler Talked About ‘Dying Alone’ On Friends Will Make You Scream, “We Swallow Our Feelings, Even If It Means We’re Unhappy Forever”

Matthew Perry Is Dead, But Here Are The Times When His Character Chandler Bing Talked About Dying 'Alone' In Friends & Sadly It Turned Out To Be True In Real Life - Watch!Matthew Perry Is Dead, But Here Are The Times When His Character Chandler Bing Talked About Dying 'Alone' In Friends & Sadly It Turned Out To Be True In Real Life - Watch!
Times When Matthew Perry aka Chandler Bing, Said “I’m Gonna Die Alone” & Sadly It Turned Out To Be True – Watch!(Photo Credit –Imdb)

‘So no one told you that ‘today’ will be this way!’ Chandler Bing will always remind us of the Hollywood actor Matthew Perry. His famously portrayed ‘socially awkward and everyone’s true friend’ character is quite popular among the Friends fanatics. Mr Bing can lift our spirits on bad days. Friends will no longer be the same without him. His absence will echo in every line of dialogue.

Do you recall the times Chandler joked about death, which unfortunately turned out to actually be true? Scroll down to see the videos we have gathered from different Friends seasons and episodes.

Matthew Perry, 54, was found dead in his hot-tub at his LA home. According to NBC: “Matthew Perry, a representative of the actor, and a source from law enforcement, died Saturday after an apparent drowning. Perry was 54. A 911 call at 4:07pm local time was treated by law enforcement as a water-rescue.

Here are some of the times that Matthew Perry’s Chandler Bing spoke about death in Friends. Chandler said, “Neat” in one instance when Rachel (Jennifer Aniston), came to complain that Monica broke her seashell lamp. I’m gonna die alone.” When Monica (Courteney cox) and Phoebe Kudrow asked him why he said that, Chandler replied: “Janice had been my safety net.” Ok? Now I need to buy a snake. If I want to be an old man who is lonely, I need something. You know a hook. Like that guy in the subway who eats himself. I decided to be a crazy snake man. Crazy Snake Man.”

Matthew Perry died alone, whether he is a snake, in his real life. This makes the scene more accurate.

You can find this video on YouTube:

Chandler, being Chandler again, broke all of them in episode 8 of season 9. Monica had brought out her fancy china dinner set, and warned everyone to be extra cautious. Matthew Perry, playing Chandler, said: “I guess I’ll die first.”

Look, he’s the first of the six friends to have taken his last breath! How uncannily these dialogues resembled his real life?

We have been reading about Matthew’s passing in the media since morning. It’s hard to say, but our favorite Chandler is gone. All we want to scream is “We swallow our emotions, even if that means we are unhappy forever.”

Rest in humor and sarcasm, Matthew – Friends won’t be Friends anymore without you!

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