Lindsay Lohan’s Mean Girls is an iconic film with some epic one-liners that continue to resonate & stay relevant in pop culture

Mean Girls Quotes From The Classic Lindsay Lohan Starrer Which Are Synonymous To The Iconic FilmMean Girls Quotes From The Classic Lindsay Lohan Starrer Which Are Synonymous To The Iconic Film
‘Mean Girls’ Quotes From The Classic Lindsay Lohan Starrer Which Still Resonates With The Audiences (Photo Credit – IMDb)

The film Mean Girls, with Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams as the two opposing forces, is still a classic and loved by everyone. The movie was released nearly two decades ago but the iconic dialogues – or, to put it more precisely, the one liner quotes – still hold relevance today. We have listed some of the most popular quotes from the 2004 movie that are still used in pop culture references.

The film featured Amanda Seyfried as well as Lizzy Caplan and Lacey Chabert. Jonathan Bennett, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey also appeared in the film. Fans are still obsessed with the film, which turned 19 years old this year. The film may have been seen several times and the quotes or characters are often used in social media posts. The movie returned in a sequel but lacked both the cast and charm of the original. In 2018, a Broadway show was released, and a film version is expected to follow soon.

It is the story of Lindsay Lohan‘s Cady Heron giving the Mean Girls of North Shore High School a taste of their own medicine. Rachel McAdams Regina George, a popular girl and bully, is played by Rachel McAdams. It had the classic elements of a teen drama and, honestly, we don’t see movies like this anymore.

Here are some one-liners from the film Mean Girls. Even if you haven’t watched it, you can still guess what they are.

1. Amy Poehler, the cool mom – “I’m not like a regular mom, I’m a cool mom!”

Amy played the role of Rachel McAdams, aka Regina’s mother, who is one of the memorable ‘moms’ in the cinema world. Her character was a cool mom long before anyone else. Her versatility and brilliant dialogue delivery won us.

2. Amanda Seyfried Mid-Week Dress Code – “On Wednesdays we wear pink”

Seyfried’s Karen Smith is one of ‘The Plastic’ mean girls in this Lindsay Lohan-led film. Regina and her friends had a lot of rules. For example, they only allowed pink on Wednesdays and jeans and sweats for Fridays. This line still resonates amongst fans of this movie.

3. Seyfried’s “I can’t get out tonight.” I’m sick.”

Okay! This is the ultimate weapon to use against couch potatoes. And don’t forget Amanda aka Karen Smith to make the line look authentic.

4. Lacey Chabert Going Brit – “That is so fetch!”

Queen Bee Regina may not have approved Lacey Chabert’s take on English slang as Gretchen Wieners, but it certainly struck a chord with audiences and became another of the iconic Mean Girls quotations.

5. ‘Regina’ Rachel McAdams – “Get in loser, we’re going shopping!”

Every teen high-school rom-com has this as its subtext. Rachel McAdams did it better than anyone else, and after her film was released, teenagers shouted it out in parking lots like wannabe plastics.

Special Mention- ‘Damian’ Daniel Franzese’s “She doesn’t even go here!”

This line is used more than we can imagine in our everyday lives. It is from the point in the film after the legendary ‘Burn Book’ makes an entry in the plot, and Damian screams the line at the all-girls assembly.

Here are just a few of our favorite lines from Mean Girls. Tina Fey aka Ms Norbury says “Raise your hands if you’ve ever been personally victimized Regina George.” There are a lot of them and one article can’t cover all of them.

Fans experienced a rush nostalgia after seeing the Mean Girls ladies, Lindsay Lohan and Lacey Chabert in a Walmart Black Friday commercial. The girls reprised their memorable parts for the ad, and it’s just epic.

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