James Cameron’s Mysterious Sci-Fi The Abyss, Grossing $54Million At The Worldwide Box Office Is Returning to The Theatres After 1989!

'The Abyss' Directed By James Cameron Is Getting Re-Released In The Theatres After 1989!'The Abyss' Directed By James Cameron Is Getting Re-Released In The Theatres After 1989!
James Cameron’s Mysterious Sci-Fi Drama ‘The Abyss’ Returns To The Theatres After 1989! (Picture Credit: Wikimedia & IMDB)

James Cameron has the experience to dominate the box-office with his directorial work. The Avatar franchise or The Terminator franchise, the filmmaker’s ability to dominate the box-office has been proven time and again. The Abyss – one of his earliest projects – is being re-released. This was his most creative project since 1989. Scroll down to read more.

The Abyss a mysterious scifi drama about an amateur diving team who are tasked with finding a long lost nuclear submarine, but find themselves in danger after meeting a unique alien aquatic creature. While the film was made in 1989, it is worth mentioning the technical details. However, the monster created by James with limited resources is quite something.

It was amazing then, and it is still remarkable today. The Abyss came out on August 9, 1989. With a budget of only around $42 MillionThe movie’s opening numbers were a disaster, as it only grossed $9 Million James’s outstanding projects list was long at the time but it became shorter as time went on.

The Abyss returns to the theaters on 6 December 2023. The movie will run in the cinemas with a print that is 4K. Box Office Mojo reported that this James Cameron film grossed £4 million. $54 million worldwide. This movie was nominated for an Academy Award in visual effects and art direction back in the day.

James Cameron said to the Beyond Fest crowd that he “didn’t quite achieve what [I] wanted to achieve. What I had in mind.” But I don’t think I could have done ‘Titanic‘ if I hadn’t been through the process on ‘The Abyss.’ I’m talking to understand where the heart of a film lies and not get distracted by the images.”

He further added, “I certainly couldn’t physically do ‘The Abyss’ right now. We spent a total of 10 hours under water per day, 6 days a week for 10 consecutive weeks. I don’t know if I could do it. “The actors felt like they had been through the worst experience of their lives, and they were only in the water about a third of what me and my crew were.”

Cameron learned a lot about underwater technicalities. Cameron promised during that conversation to re-release this film in 4K. He kept his word.

Note: Box Office numbers are based upon estimates and multiple sources. Koimoi has not independently verified the numbers.

Will you watch The Abyss this December 6th?

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