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The Matchmakers Fame Rowoon Says He Likes His Underwear To Be In Solid Colors - TMI?The Matchmakers Fame Rowoon Says He Likes His Underwear To Be In Solid Colors - TMI?
The Matchmakers Fame Rowoon Gives In A Little TMI About His Undergarments & It’s Hilarious! ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Rowoon, a former member of the South Korean band SF9, is now making headlines with his new look and outstanding performances in K-dramas such as Destined With You or The Matchmakers. In a recent interview with a comedian, Rowoon revealed some TMI about his underwear. Continue reading.

Rowoon was a member of the band SF9 but left to pursue his acting career in the entertainment industry. He has a huge fan base who love him not only for his looks and singing talent but also because of his cute gestures.

Rowoon recently uploaded an interview video from GQ Korea’s YouTube channel. In the video, Rowoon discussed a variety of topics, including how he cares for his long hair. He often sleeps with wet hair and wakes up scruffy. He talked about a hair essence: “It’s good to spray once or two times when that happens.”

Rowoon, who is currently on business trips due to his promotional events and has been busy with his promotional events, shared what he packs for his bag. He also talked about a nasal pack that helps control nose sebum. “It may be embarrassing, however, who doesn’t produce sebum?” This product helps me to keep my precious sebum healthy and intact. I think I do it every week. You’ll be a bit shocked if you don’t do it often. “I don’t like to be surprised”, he continued.

During his conversation, the way he talked about underwear was what made us laugh most. Rowoon revealed his preference for wearing black or solid-colored undies. Haha. He even praised Calvin Klein, saying “Who doesn’t pack underwear?” No one packss underwear. You should pack your underwear. I also said it on a TV program. This brand Calvin Klein is one I really like. When it comes down to underwear, Calvin Klein is the brand I always choose. I like plain colors. I don’t like colors that are too challenging. I’ll stop right here.”

How cute is he?

Did you know that Rowoon, the star of Destined With You, likes to wear black underwear? This is a new revelation!

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