He earned over $50 million as HIMYM’s “Legendary” Barney. Here are a couple of luxurious apartments and how much he is worth now!

Neil Patrick Harris aka Barney Stinson Of HIMYM, Made Quite The Fortune Out Of His Versatile Career, Mounting Up To A Remarkable Net Worth!Neil Patrick Harris aka Barney Stinson Of HIMYM, Made Quite The Fortune Out Of His Versatile Career, Mounting Up To A Remarkable Net Worth!
Neil Patrick Harris’ Net Worth Revealed! ( Photo Credit – Facebook )

Neil Patrick Harris aka Barney Stinson of the popular American sitcom How I Met Your Mother is a fan favourite despite his flaws. The character evolved from being a sexist, playboy to becoming a mature man. It was a heartwarming transformation. The actor’s popularity grew over the seasons, just as he did as a man. He is reported to be the wealthiest actor in the main cast of HIMYM. Continue reading to learn about his networth!

The 50-year-old actor, who began his career in child acting, is the recipient of five Primetime Emmy Awards. The actor has appeared in many movies and also voiced many characters. He has appeared in films like Gone Girl, The Smurfs 1 & 2, The Matrix Resurrections, and more. But Barney Stinson, his Barney Stinson, is tied to his identity and he will be iconic for it.

In 1988, he gained recognition for his role as a child in Clara’s Heart, in which he shared the screen with Whoopi. The following year he starred in Doogie, Houser, MD in the lead role. He then appeared in several roles before landing the role of How I Met Your Mother. The actor received $225,000 Celebrity Net Worth per episode Forbes reports that Neil received $400,000 Each episode of the final season of HIMYM.

As per a story by The Things Neil made around $5.5 Million The eight seasons of HIMYM. And since he got $400K The Smurfs’ star earned over $9 Million It is a good idea to start with it.

Neil is a multi-talented man who has delved into the world of magic. He was a success. This added to his résumé and gave him the chance to host the World Magic Awards 2008 He earns handsomely as a voice actor for video games and other projects.

Neil Patrick Harris purchased a townhouse in Harlem, New York in 2013 for 8000 square feet. $3.6 Million. He renovated the house and lived there until 2021 before selling it for $7.3 Million It ended up getting $7 Million.

He also sold houses in California’s Sherman Oaks for $3 Million. Neil and his business partner also own 13.5 acres of land in New York. They purchased it in 2017 for $5 Million.

Neil Patrick Harris’ net worth is over $100,000 after all his various ventures from television, films, and voiceovers. $50 Million Around $55 Million.

Neil Patrick Harris reprised this year his role as Barney Stinson, in the spin-off of How I Met Your Mother titled How I Met Your Father.

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