From The Matt Damon-Led Bourne Series To La La Land & The Oscar-Winning Milk, Captain America Could Have Starred In These Memorable Films

Films/Shows Rejected By Chris Evans That Went On To Become MemorableFilms/Shows Rejected By Chris Evans That Went On To Become Memorable
6 Films Chris Evans Rejected (Picture Credit: IMDb)

In the Hollywood Hills, where scripts flutter around like autumn leaves in Vermont, Chris Evans – the man who can rock a cable-knit sweater like no other – has had his fair share of “What if?” moments.

With a chiseled jawline that could cut glass and a career trajectory that’s more Captain America than Johnny Storm, Evans has made some calculated leaps… and some polite passes on projects that soared without him. Let’s dive into the cinematic multiverse where Chris said, “I can do this all day,” and the ones where he decided to hang up the shield.

The Bourne Series

The Bourne IdentityThe Bourne Identity
The Bourne Identity (Picture Credit: IMDb)

Imagine, if you will, a world where Matt Damon didn’t utter, “I’m Jason Bourne.” That’s right, Evans was considered for the role of the amnesiac a**-kicker, but ultimately passed. The result? A franchise so successful it made people forget Damon was ever Will Hunting. Meanwhile, Evans is probably unfazed, practicing shield throws in his backyard.


Milk (Picture Credit: IMDb)

Before Sean Penn stepped into the shoes of Harvey Milk, there was a whisper of Chris Evans donning the activist’s mantle. Penn went on to win an Oscar, while Evans likely consoled himself with Marvel money and the thought that at least one Harvey in his life (his dog) was award enough.

Gone Girl

Gone GirlGone Girl
Gone Girl (Picture Credit: IMDb)

Could Chris have been Nick Dunne, the charmingly flawed husband in “Gone Girl”? Perhaps. But he passed, and Ben Affleck stepped in to showcase that smoldering “I might be a sociopath” look. Evans must have been too busy being everyone’s dream best friend… or maybe he just didn’t want to compete with another Affleck for the title of “Boston’s Best.”

Manchester by the Sea

Manchester by the SeaManchester by the Sea
Manchester by the Sea (Picture Credit: IMDb)

This heart-wrenching tale was almost in the realm of possibility for our dear Chris. But he decided not to go down the path of soul-crushing drama. Casey Affleck grabbed the role and an Oscar, leaving Chris Evans to his lighter ventures – like saving the world from aliens and rogue AI.

La La Land

La La LandLa La Land
La La Land (Picture Credit: IMDb)

Yes, you could have seen Evans jazz-handing his way across the screen with Emma Stone, but he skipped out on “La La Land.” Ryan Gosling stepped in, and the rest is tap-dancing history. Don’t fret, though – Evans surely sings show tunes to his dog, which is pretty much the same thing.


Elizabethtown (Picture Credit: IMDb)

Before Orlando Bloom became the king of quirky rom-coms with “Elizabethtown,” Evans was in the running. He opted out, perhaps due to a premonition about the film’s lukewarm reception. Or maybe he just knew deep down that a movie about making shoes wasn’t the right fit.

So, what can we gather from the roles that Chris “Charmquake” Evans turned down? Well, for starters, he has a knack for leaving a vacancy for the next big hit. But let’s be honest, would we trade his tenure as America’s rear – I mean, America’s hero – for any of these? Doubtful. Every “no” from Evans seems to lead to a “yes” that shapes his star-spangled career in ways that make us salute.

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