From Jungkook stripteasing Jimin to Jin stripteasing ARMY: 5 Times Bangtan Boys Made Us Simp Over Their Masculine Physique

5 Times BTS' Left ARMY Drooling With Their Shirtless Pics!5 Times BTS' Left ARMY Drooling With Their Shirtless Pics!
5 Times BTS went shirtless in order to set up ultimate thirst traps that left the ARMY gasping! (Picture Credit: Instagram & IMDB)

BTS, the South Korean boyband, had a rough start. But look at them today! The septet consists of RM. Jin. Suga. J-Hope. Jimin. V. and Jungkook. They have carved a unique niche in the pop world, becoming one of the biggest boy bands ever. Their music transcends any barrier. We would be lying to say that BTS’ ARMY (a term coined by BTS’ dedicated fans) is only smitten with the Bangtan Boys because of their music. The South Korean band is also known for their soulful music, peppy tracks and their droolworthy looks.

BTS members like Jungkook, Jimin, RM, Jin and others are known to go shirtless to woo their fans. And it works!

Since BTS members debuted on Instagram, they have been stripteasing fans. They are smirking at Jungkook who deleted first his posts, then the account. They also use Weverse to post steamy images every now-and-then, being themselves without any shame and going all out to express their love for the ARMY.

We’ll also share some blasts of the past to remind us of the good times we had when BTS members stripped off their shirts and treated us.

1. Namjoon

President Namjoon aka RM leads the pack. She shared a video on Weverse of RM’s hot workout session, where he went shirtless to show off his broad shoulders. In the clip, the ‘Wild Flower’ singer was seen doing pull-ups in the gym and ditching shirt, only opting for black shorts.

2. Jungkook

Golden Maknae Jeon Jungkook shoots a TikTok Challenge when he’s not recording his new song. Recently, the singer took on yet another dance competition, showing off some crazy and hot dance moves. Bonus: He wore no shirt. The ‘Seven’ singer only donned a pair of baggy jeans, sports shoes, and a beanie.

3. V

Kim Taehyung, aka V, is our favorite ‘Winter Bear,’ who knows how to make his fans happy. A jazz music connoisseur, Taehyung went shirtless for his ‘Slow Dancing’ MV and convinced us he’s been taking some cues from his team members to work it out in the gym.

4. Jimin and Jungkook

What could be better than Jimin going bare-chested? What’s better than Jimin going shirtless? On JK’s 26th birthday, Jiminshi took to his Instagram account to share a picture of Jungkook and himself in which the duo was seen ditching their shirts as their bare backs faced the camera, flaunting their buffed-up physiques and s*xy tattoos.

5. Jin

World Wide Handsome Jin is currently serving his military service and once set Instagram ablaze by wearing nothing but pants while displaying his bare back. He was a thirst trap for ARMY. This makes us miss Jin’s Instagram antics.

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