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From Jennifer Aniston To Taylor Swift, 5 Celebrities & Their Weird Superstitions!From Jennifer Aniston To Taylor Swift, 5 Celebrities & Their Weird Superstitions!
From Jennifer Aniston To Taylor Swift, Here Are 5 Celebrities & Their Weird Superstitions! (Picture Credit: Instagram)

Celebrities may lead a luxurious life with all the latest products and facilities but they are still just normal humans who believe in certain beliefs. We all live by a few superstitions. Celebs also have their own superstitions. From Jennifer Aniston to Taylor Swift, Megan Fox, and more, here is a list of five celebrities who have bizarre beliefs and weird rituals.

For ages we have heard superstitions such as knocking on a piece of wood or walking under a rung of a ladder. All of these superstitions have crept into everyday life, and we tend to hold on to them without questioning. We believe this because we have seen good results when the variables in the situation are the exact same.

Hollywood celebrities like Jennifer Aniston or Taylor Swift all have their own ideas. Here are five Hollywood personalities who hold fast to their beliefs. Some of them may seem strange.

1. Lady Gaga & Her Fear Of Losing Her Creativity via S*x

Lady Gaga is an actress and singer with a wealth of talent. The Joker 2 actress has this weird superstition about s*x that if one didn’t have s*x with someone who cared about them, then that would mess up with their energy.

2. Taylor Swift & Her Lucky Number

The Friday the 13th sounds ominous. Taylor Swift has found thirteen to be lucky. Taylor Swift was born on Friday the 13th, which is why she considers thirteen to be her lucky number. She told MTV that “every time I won an award I’ve sat in the 13th chair, the section 13 or row M (which is the 13th alphabet).”

3. Jennifer Aniston & Her Flight Boarding Ritual

Jennifer Aniston’s fans will always remember her as Rachel Green, and Friends fans will never forget the episode in which Rachel got off the flight for Ross. Was it because of Ross or did Rachel forget to do her pre-flight rituals? Just kidding!

Jennifer Aniston is known to do these two things before boarding a plane. She always boards with her right foot and taps on the outside of the aircraft for good luck.

4. Chris Martin & His Pearl Whites

Coldplay’s Chris Martin told the Independent once that he never went onstage without brushing his teeth. He feels smarter if he brushes his teeth before going on stage.

5. Megan Fox and Britney Spears

Magan Fox is not alone in her fear of flying. The Transformers actress listens to Britney’s album to calm herself while on the plane. She told Mirror: “I know that it is not my destiny to listen to a Britney-Spears album.” She said that her plane would not crash if Britney’s music was playing.

We do this to keep our brains calm and tricked. Koimoi will bring you more stories of this nature.

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