Did You Know Steve Harvey Hit ‘Rock Bottom’ & Lived In His Car For 3 Years Before His Career As A Comedian Took Off?

Did You Know Steve Harvey Hit ‘Rock Bottom' & Lived In His Car For 3 Years?Did You Know Steve Harvey Hit ‘Rock Bottom' & Lived In His Car For 3 Years?
Did You Know Steve Harvey Hit ‘Rock Bottom’ & Lived In His Car For 3 Years? (Picture Credit: Facebook)

Steve Harvey needs no introduction. Steve Harvey is a comedian, TV host, and actor who is currently at his peak in his career. Coming from humble beginnings, he is proof that nothing is impossible. Harvey has a dream life now, but there was a period when he struggled to make ends meet. He had no home, no place to stay, and he was at the bottom of the barrel while trying to make his comic skills a career.

Harvey began his career as a comedian in the early 1980s. Since then, his popularity has grown tremendously. Each TV show he hosts has a huge increase in viewers. At 66, he’s also a social-media sensation and has millions of fans on different platforms.

While everything seems to be going well in his professional career at the moment it wasn’t the same in the 80s when he first started out making a living. Steve Harvey’s early career struggles were as tough as they could possibly be. Let’s start with his background and the way he got into comics.

According to a Yahoo report, Harvey’s dad was a Virginia coal miner and his family later moved to Cleveland. After completing his high school education, Harvey attended West Virginia University to pursue higher studies. He struggled to determine what career path suited him. He worked as an insurance salesman. mechanic, and even a professional boxer. Steve Harvey’s first comedy show was in 1985. It was said to be an eye-opening experience for him, and he became passionate about it.

Steve Harvey, who could not find a house in the 80s because stand-up was not a lucrative career in those days, ended up living in his vehicle. The Family Feud host was said to have kept his food in the backseat of his car and taken daily showers in gas stations and swimming pool. He accepted hotel accommodations for his gigs if they were offered, but not all events got him the same.

Steve Harvey was at “rock bottom”, as it took three years for him to find a stable living situation. He did not give up comedy and became a superstar in the genre.

Steve Harvey was in news earlier this year when reports surfaced that his wife Marjorie Elaine Harvey cheated with his bodyguard. She filed for divorce.

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