Jason Momoa is confirmed to return to DCU as Lobo. Netizens Go Wild As He Drops His Biggest Hint

Jason Momoa To Move On From Aquaman To Play Lobo?Jason Momoa To Move On From Aquaman To Play Lobo?
Jason Momoa Confirms Lobo In DCU After Aquaman 2? (Picture Credit: IMDB & Wikimedia)

Fans are worried for the future of Aquaman 2 The storyline has been changed significantly, and the next flick will tell a story of brotherhood. An important reason behind it is the backlash over Amber Heard‘s involvement despite losing the defamation trial against her ex-husband, Johnny Depp! James Gunn previously expressed interest in Aquaman 3. Will Jason Momoa be moving on to play Lobo? Scroll down for all the information!

Who is Lobo from DC Comics?

Lobo, an alien character in the DC Universe is from the utopian planet Czarnia. He is an interstellar bounty-hunter and mercenary with a foul mouth. He loves cigars, as you can see in the posters. There have also been strong rumors about DC Comics releasing a massive Lobo collection. As they say, “there’s no fire without smoke”, and fans have been connecting the dots!

What can you expect from Aquaman 2?

Jason Momoa was able to sit down and have a chat with Jimmy Fallon during the Tonight Show. He talked about how Arthur Curry was now a king and a father. He also spoke of his marriage. He no longer knows ‘what to do,’ and Aquaman 2 will be a tale about saving the world with his brother, although in different ways.

Is Aquaman III on the way?

When asked about Aquaman 3, Jason Momoa responded, “I mean, this is kind of, like, the end of this—The DC Universe. I mean, this has happened before. So I guess if people like it…?” He then drops the biggest possible hint as he leans toward Jimmy Fallon and adds, “But yeah… there’ll always be a place for me at DC.”

Jason Momoa confirmed to be Lobo in DCU

Many people believe that Jason is moving away from Aquaman’s role to become Lobo.

A user commented, “I hope that he will be a villain in the DCU next time after Aquaman cuz it’s a good villain.”

Another said: “It’d be cool to have Jason Momoa play Lobo in the new DCEU, because he is an excellent villain.”

A fan said, “He’d be the perfect Lobo in James Gunn’s DCU.”

A keen-eyed fan noted, “He’s basically confirmed he plays Lobo.”

“‘This kind of the end of the DCEU, but there’ll always be a place for me at DC.’ Another confirmed that Lobo was indeed the name.

We’re sad to see Aquaman go. There are clearly fans who are excited about Jason Momoa’s future plans.

Aquaman 2 is scheduled to hit theaters on 20 December 2023. The film stars Nicole Kidman as well Michael Keaton in pivotal roles.

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