Team iNSANE Esports Bids Farewell to its BGMI Roster


Team iNSANE Esports disband its Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) after low performance in recent tournaments.

Team iNSANE Esports bid farewell, in a surprising twist of events, to its BGMI team, which included Aadi. Aadi is one of the most renowned In-Game leaders (IGLs) in the Indian gaming scene. The team’s performance in recent tournaments was below expectations.

Team iNSANE Esports bids farewell to its BGMI roster

In a recent social media post, Team iNSANE officially announced the departure of their roster, expressing gratitude to the team members Aadi, Skipzzz, Harsh, and Darklord. Aadi led the team in numerous achievements during his two-year tenure as the IGL.

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Although Team iNSANE showed promise in the initial rounds of the BGIS 2023 Marki event, they were unable to secure a spot in the finals. The team also had to overcome challenges in qualifying for two of the final LANs, Skyesports Championships 5.0 and Upthrust Esports Diwali Battles 2023.

Team iNSANE’s ability to shine in the face of underdogs has earned them recognition. Unlike other teams who rely on their star players, iNSANE is strong in their collective performance. This allows them to compete in different tournaments.

Harsh competed in the Upthrust Esports Diwali Battle 2020 with Team 8Bit. It is likely that he will stay with 8Bit. Aadi Skipzz and Darklord will have to find a team as many teams are rearranging their BGMI rosters. Jelly left OR Esports recently after spending over two years with the team. Moreover, the question remains: Will Team iNSANE get a new team or will they shut down their entire eSports operation?

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