Shoaib malik lambasts Pakistan Cricket Team’s ‘professionalism” & “excuses”


Malik doesn’t hesitate to question Babar’s captaincy either, citing the lack of street smarts and the lack of improvement in the past three year.

Fitness is a cornerstone of any sports professional. It’s a crucial factor that can make or ruin a team performance on the field. Former Pakistan captain Shoaib malik has criticised the professionalism of Babar Azam’s Pakistan cricket team in a harsh critique, highlighting the importance for physical readiness in international cricket.

Fitness is more than just physical fitness. It’s also mental resilience, endurance and the ability of perform under pressure.

Malik’s criticisms about the professionalism of the Pakistan Cricket Team sheds light on a broader issue: maintaining peak physical fitness in the face of the demanding schedules associated with global tournaments.

Malik cites India as an example of a team that does not accept the excuse for travel. He says that professionalism is what sets teams apart. It allows players to maintain pace and form, even when traveling for long periods. The cricketer stresses the importance of taking a proactive approach in recovery. He cites Glenn Maxwell, who played with severe cramps but received support through gels.

“Travel are excuses. The world is on the move. Look at India’s Calendar. Their pacers did not lose speed and swing. Malik said that our team was lacking professionalism.″ target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>A Sports.

Shoaib Malik lambasts Babar Azam-led Pakistan Cricket Team 'professionalism' & terms travelling as 'excuses' naming Team India as example.Shoaib Malik lambasts Babar Azam-led Pakistan Cricket Team 'professionalism' & terms travelling as 'excuses' naming Team India as example.

Cramps, pressure, and player selection: Pakistan Cricket Team

Shoaib malik explores the complexities of Pakistan Cricket Team selection and its impact upon performance. He argues that picking players based solely on their performance during a PSL match might not prepare them to handle the pressure cooker situations of international tournaments.

Malik says that cramps are not just caused by dehydration, but also by the mental stress associated with high-stakes games.

Malik, in a call for a strategic development, suggests that if visiting teams send their B-squads, Pakistani B-players should face them. He believes this will not just level the playing fields but also give the emerging players more experience and growth.

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Babar Azam Leadership Critique

Shoaib also does not hesitate to question Babar Azam’s leadership, citing the lack of street smarts and the lack of improvement in the last three year.

According to him the team’s victories have been limited to smaller teams due to a leadership vacuum and a lack of resources.

Misbah-ul Haq, the former captain of Pakistan, agrees with Malik and urges a realistic assessment of Pakistan’s position in international cricket. He stresses that the team’s No. He emphasizes that the team’s No.

As Pakistan reflects upon its ODI World Cup performances, the critiques of seasoned players such as Shoaib-ul-Haq and Misbah-ul Haq highlight the many challenges and responsibilities associated with international cricket. Fitness, leadership, and strategy development become crucial for the future of the team.

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