Risky Pit Exit Sparks Safety Concerns in the Race


Las Vegas GP is embroiled in another controversy after the controversy over the cold weather during the race. The pit exit has raised many eyebrows. Read more.

The Las Vegas GP has become the crown jewel of Formula 1’s calendar. Liberty Media wants to make it the biggest spectacle every year. Several factors have already affected it. Tickets have dropped in price, largely because of Max Verstappen. Pirelli’s tyres are at risk due to the cold weather. Now, the pit exit has caused a debate online among fans.

Pit Exit Too Hazardous

The Formula 1 calendar features a variety pit lanes and exits. Most of the time the pit exit ensures that cars enter the race at a good position. Las Vegas GP, however, doesn’t appear to be doing that.

The pit exit at the Las Vegas GP feeds the inside of Turn 1, a left-hander. Due to the nature of this corner, drivers are encouraged to hug the apex in order to achieve the best possible results. Whenever someone is leaving the pit lane and entering the racing line, they will feed into it.

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Why is it even more absurd?

You could forgive the Las Vegas GP a compromised pit-exit because it is a street circuit. The pit exit is one of the few permanent features on the track. Formula 1 and Liberty Media purchased some disused land to house the pit building, the hospitality area, and the first four corners of the race.

The weather conditions for the Las Vegas GP is well known to the public. Pirelli is taking a risk because of the weather. Nobody knows what these new Pirelli tires will do in such extreme temperatures.

After potentially freezing Pirelli Tyres, Formula 1 and Liberty Media find the Las Vegas GP in hot water due to unsafe pit exit.After potentially freezing Pirelli Tyres, Formula 1 and Liberty Media find the Las Vegas GP in hot water due to unsafe pit exit.

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Much Ado About Nothing?

Liberty Media doesn’t want to see a Formula 1 vehicle with cold tyres coming out of pits against a car that is trying to hit Corner 1 at full speed.

When announced, the Abu Dhabi pit entry also caused a similar stir. In all these years we have never experienced an incident. Hopefully, Las Vegas GP follows the same pattern.

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