Reece James discusses Chelsea’s recent League form


Reece James discusses Chelsea’s recent Premier League form and how the club has improved under Mauricio Pachettino.

Reece James talked about Mauricio Podettino and Chelsea’s recent form in Premier League. Chelsea has struggled to get going this season in the Premier League. Chelsea only won one of their six games in the Premier League. They lost to West Ham and Nottingham Forest. Their form has improved in the last six matches. Mauricio Podettino had predicted this exact scenario at the start the season.

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Mauricio pochettino began his season by insisting Chelsea would not allow a transitional period. If they did, he said they would see results. Pochettino has been patient while Chelsea’s first six Premier League games have been poor. In their last six Premier League matches, Chelsea has three wins and two draws. Chelsea drew against Arsenal and Manchester City but won against Tottenham Hotspurs.

Chelsea is starting to show signs of improvement under Mauricio Podettino. They have gone up from 14th Place to 10th The Premier League is the highest league in England. Reece James is the captain of Chelsea and he insists that the team has shown its potential in recent weeks. He also believes that they have made real progress with the new manager.

Reece James said:

“We’re a relatively young group. The more we spend together, the better we understand each other. This helps us. We have come a very long way. In the last five or six week, our performances have improved. Everyone is happy. “Our confidence is increasing.”

Results are important. It’s a good starting point. When we are performing well together, people will be more willing to try new things and show more confidence. We’ve been through a tough stretch of games and we’ve gained some good points. We have been proactive. “We need to continue building on this.”

Chelsea’s star player is happy to be available after a lengthy absence

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Reece James is a key player in the Chelsea team. James has been struggling with injuries, and is working to overcome this. He has recovered from an injury, and is now ready for selection. James talked about how his strength and fitness has been increasing. He is fully ready to return for Chelsea and is eager to help the team maintain their current performance.

Reece James said:

“I can feel my fitness and strength increasing again. Recently, I was able to play with consistency. I haven’t yet been able to play for 90 minutes, but I am training and playing hard and pushing my limits every day to return to my best level.”

“I’m glad to be able to help the team again. It takes time to get back into shape after almost three months away. Some people think that you should be able to return to the same level you were at when you left, but this is not true. You must move slowly and steadily. I’ve been doing that. “I’m making progress slowly.”

Reece James is the captain of Chelsea this year. James’ childhood dream was to become Chelsea’s Captain. After Cesar Azpilicueta left Chelsea, the club decided that they would focus on their youth. They made James captain. Reece James talks about his captaincy at Chelsea.

He said:

“The captaincy was great, but it wasn’t easy when I wasn’t in shape because it’s hard to influence things as much when you’re not there all the time. Thiago helps me most whenever I am in doubt or feel like I need some advice. He is almost as old as my father! He is the one I go to. It’s up to you to decide what kind of captain you are, but so far I’ve been enjoying it. It’s an honor.”

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