Christian Horner of Red Bull admits a nerve-wracking 2026 wait


Red Bull will produce its own engines for the first time ever in their history in any category. Christian Horner is both unsettling and excited by this challenge.

Red Bull is one the great modern Formula 1 teams. After their initial seasons, they were always near the top. Currently, Max Verstappen, the RB19, and their combination are dominating the sport. They have always been a customer-team. Red Bull will produce their own engines, in partnership with Ford, starting the 2026 season. Christian Horner is excited and nervous at the same time about this new challenge. Motorsport.

Not an Easy Task

Christian Horner is right when he says that this is no easy task. Making an engine is a complex process. The complexity of a Formula 1 motor is multiplied by many. Ford is a partner for Red Bull in this challenge.

“Keep Evolving”

Christian Horner answered the question about Max Verstappen’s success with Honda and Red Bull. He replied, “Yeah. But that’s just life, isn’t it?” Nothing lasts forever. You have to keep evolving.”

Despite Max Verstappen's current success in Formula 1, Christian Horner is looking ahead to 2026 and their Red Bull & Ford engines.Despite Max Verstappen's current success in Formula 1, Christian Horner is looking ahead to 2026 and their Red Bull & Ford engines.

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“Don’t want to see this season end”

Christian Horner enjoys Max Verstappen, Red Bull and their success in Formula 1. He doesn’t wish for the season to end. He knows that nothing is permanent, having been dethroned after the Vettel years by Mercedes.

Christian Horner said: “At this moment, we don’t wish to see the season end. But 2026 is the next chapter, and we will be able to control the one variable that we have had.

“I think people don’t really understand the scale and scope of the challenge for 2026.” The team is approaching it in the same manner as we did with the chassis.

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“100 Weeks”

Ford is Red Bull’s new partner after Honda left. Ford brings a pedigree similar to Honda’s.

Christian Horner said, “We’ve got two years which seems like a long way away, but we’ve pretty much got 100 weeks now to when we’re rolling down the pitlane with a Red Bull-designed and manufactured engine in the back of the car. This is both nerve-wracking as well as exciting.

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