The PUBG Annual Gala 2023 event is now live


The 2023 Popularity Annual Gala (also known as the 2023 Popularity Annual Gala) is a PUBG Mobile competition in which players compete to gain more Popularity. The more Popularity that a player has the higher their Battle level and the better rewards they will receive.

PUBG Mobile Popularity Annual Gala 2023 event is here, Check rewards

Level Infinite is the publisher of PUBG mobile and they always bring amazing events to players. PUBG mobile’s Popularity Annual Gala event 2023 is live now. Showcase your skills to earn amazing rewards. See the event details below.

Registration Period: Up to November 14, 2023 (UTC+0).

Battle Period November 15, 2023 – December 15, 2023 (UTC+0)

Event Overview

  • Upgraded Popularity: This year, the event will feature an enhanced Popularity Battle System. It provides more opportunities to shine, earn recognition and be recognized.
  • Dazzling Reward: Honor Titles are exclusive in-game awards, such as Honor Name Tags or Honor Avatar Frames.
  • Exclusive Exposure and physical rewards: You can boost your fame with exclusive interviews, home-page popup banners and custom Popularity gifts. Social media promotions, physical awards, and more are also available.

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PUBG Mobile Popularity Annual Gala Event Rules 2023:

  • Reduced Participation requirements: To participate, players must have Player Level 2 and above as well as Popularity Level 3.
  • Flexible Registration: Latecomers are still welcome to sign up for the next round of matchmaking during the battle period.
  • Fair Matchmaking: Every 3 days you’ll be paired with opponents that are evenly matched. This will give you a balanced, competitive experience.
  • Popularity Battle During each battle phase, compete to gain the most Popularity. The winner gets all the points, and their opponent loses 50%.
  • Battle Points Battle Points can be calculated by combining Basic Points (earned through Popularity) and Looted (taken away from the opponent).
  • Battle Level: Earn Battle Points by participating in battles to increase your Battle Level. Unlock even rarer rewards.

Ladder Promotion rules:

  • Assignment Round: Popularity at the end the first round will determine your initial ladder grade.
  • Six Ladder Grades: Choose from six ladder grades, SSS being the highest.
  • Ladder Promotions & Demotions Each ladder has a total of 100 spots. The top 20 players will be promoted, while the middle 60 will remain. The bottom 20 players will be demoted.
  • Ladder Rank Your Ladder rank is based on your Popularity during the battle period.
  • Final Showdown Round 10 is your final showdown for determining your final ladder rank and grade.
  • Ladder Grade Progression: As ladder grades can only be upgraded or demoted one grade at a given time, it is crucial to achieve a high grade early on.

Reward Distribution

At the end, rewards will be given out based on your final showdown rank and ladder grade. For more information on rewards, check out the event page. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to show off your PUBG mobile skills and earn incredible prizes. Register today to start the Popularity Battle!

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