PKL SWOT of the Telugu Titans led by Pawan Sehrawat


Insidesport analyzes the Pro Kabaddi team Telugu Titans, in detail, before the start of PKL 10

Telugu Titans are the team you should be watching in the Pro Kabaddi League’s 10th season. This is because they now have India captain Pawan Sehrawat among their ranks. The PKL auctions showed that the PKL 10 is serious after two consecutive seasons of poor performance. InsiderSport performs a SWOT Analysis of the team.


In their squad, you will find seasoned professionals like Parvesh Sehrawat and Rajnish Dalal. Overall, they have an experienced group of players.

Pawan has almost solved their biggest problem of the last two seasons: raiding. Rajnish could be brought in as a secondary raider. Pawan may be the biggest factor in the Titans success at the PKL10 this year.


Telugu Titans may have the biggest problem in defense this year. Parvesh, the only defender with solid experience, is the only one who can be considered experienced. Senior members may find it difficult to manage them.


After the PKL auctions every team is fairly evenly matched. Each team must start from scratch when playing Pro Kabaddi. Titans will have a great chance to start off the league and give the other teams some competition.


The form of the team in the last two PKL season is the biggest threat. In PKL 8,9, they have been nothing but bad. It would have impacted on their confidence, and it might be difficult to get back into the mindset of a winner after so many defeats.

Telugu Titans Team for PKL 10.

Pawan Sehrawat, Vinay Redhu, Robin Chaudhary, Praful Javre, Omkar Patil, Parvesh Bhainswal, Milad Jabbari, Mohit, Nitin, Gaurav Dahiya, Ajit Panwar, Ankit Jaglan, Rajnish Dalal, Shankar Gadai, Hamid Nader, Omkar More, S Sanjeevi.

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