Pakistan Cricket in crisis Shahid Afridi is the next Zaka Ashraf!


Shahid Afridi met with Pakistan’s caretaker pm on Nov 5 to ask him to become more involved in Pakistan Cricket.

The plot twists are not going to stop in Pakistan Cricket. With the interim Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Zaka Ashraf under fire, Pakistan’s caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar has approached former captain Shahid Afridi, requesting him be actively involved in the enhancement of the sport in the country. Ashraf’s tenure ends on Nov 5.

The third candidate for the PCB leadership in 2023 has been a turbulent time for Pakistan Cricket. Ashraf’s tenure is ending. There will be a fourth chairman until Pakistan has its general election and the PM nominates a new face.

Anwaar-ul Haq Kakar, caretaker Pak Prime Minister, met Shahid Afridi with Cricket Pakistan on Thursday. The two discussed various aspects related to cricket. The two men discussed cricket.

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Shahid Afridi vs Zaka Ashraf

The former Pakistan captain was the chief selector during the Najam Sethi tenure. He stepped down when Zaka Ashraf assumed the role. The two have a strained relationship and Shahid Afridi recently called Ashraf out.

A leaked WhatsApp conversation between captain Babar Azam, COO Salman Naseer and a media outlet revealed the development.

“You are the PCB chairman and not a club. You have a lot to do. But you call the owners of media outlets and complain that people are saying this or that about you. You are the PCB chairperson. “People are saying things because they have the opportunity to do so,” Geo News reports that Shahid Afridi made the statement on a Pakistani channel of TV.

Zaka Ashraf is in trouble

Ashraf has been criticized from all angles. As Babar Azam & Co are closer to exit, PCB sent out a statement, throwing the team under the bus, saying captain and chief selector Inzamam Ul Haq, who recently resigned, had full authority in team selection.

The statement was not well received by the team, former footballers and fans. As he has been facing criticism about handling the matter poorly, PCB management committee member, Zulfiqar Malik has accused Ashraf of misdoings and taking unconstitutional decisions as per ESPN Cricinfo.

What are the accusations against Ashraf

  • Ashraf, who was supposed to only manage daily affairs made some long-term choices.
  • Misuse of PCB office in order to rig elections in the regions.
  • Not having a degree, which is a requirement to be the chairman of a PCB.
  • Ignoring the Inter-Provincial Coordination Ministry’s directive to hold elections.
  • Nepotism: Allowing Chaudhry Kan Mohammad’s son to meddle in board matters.
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