Nate Diaz welcomes MMA fight against Deontay Wilder


Former UFC star Nate Diaz accepted a possible MMA fight with former heavyweight champion Deontay wilder. Read more about it here.

Nate Diaz could face a surprise opponent in his next fight. The former UFC star quit the UFC after his fight with Tony Ferguson last year. Diaz moved from the UFC to boxing after his time there to fight Jake Paul. The 38-year old is now ready to take on Deontay wilder.

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Diaz fought Jake Paul last August. Both boxers were quite competitive in their fight. Diaz never excelled at boxing. Paul’s victory over the former UFC champion was not a surprise. It seems that Paul is done boxing.

Nate Diaz ready for MMA fight with Deontay wilder

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Wilder spoke to Inside Fighting recently.” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Instagram. And when asked about a potential crossover to MMA against Nate Diaz, ‘The Bronze Bomber’ said, “Oh most definitely. Nate, call me, bro. I’d be willing to go in with Nate. In addition, when asked what his chances were, he replied: “Man, I’m going to see.” There’s just one way to find it out.

The former WBC Heavyweight Champion of the World showed his desire, therefore, to do what no other boxer has done until now. So far, crossover events have only involved MMA fighters in the boxing ring. Wilder, on the other hand, wants to go in the opposite direction. He is confident about his chances against Diaz.

Diaz replied to Wilder and said, “Let’s get these contract written up asap.. Real fight sh*t respect to a real fighter down to fight for real. All love to boxing But this is different REAL 👊🏼 shit LFG 1993 🥋.”

Thus, with this post, Diaz not only welcomed a bout with Wilder but also reminded ‘The Bronze Bomber’ that it would be a real fight. It would be an exciting fight, but it would take a great deal of negotiation to make it a reality. 

Firstly Diaz is a freelancer and one of the MMA promotion would have to take on the event. Wilder is 220 lbs. Diaz weighs at most 190. There is a considerable weight difference. It will take some time to get there, as Wilder has to train grappling before he can face an expert like Diaz. 

What do you think of these remarks from Deontay and Nate Diaz? Can you imagine the two actually entering the octagon together?

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