Max Verstappen responds bluntly to the Las Vegas GP


Max Verstappen is blunt when it comes to Formula 1 innovations. He was blunt when he was asked about the Las Vegas GP.

Max Verstappen has been winning almost all the races in Formula 1. Red Bull has provided him with a monster car and he’s driving it to its limits. He has however been critical of the growing demands of the sport. Max Verstappen recently spoke to the media about the Las Vegas GP, including RacingNews365. Max Verstappen gave a blunt answer when asked about the hype surrounding it.

On the Show

Max Verstappen criticized track layout for the Formula 1 Las Vegas GP. The Red Bull Driver said. “First of all we are there mainly for the show, and not the race. We are looking at the layout of circuit. I’m not actually that much into that, I’m more: ‘I’ll go there, do my thing and be gone’. “I will deal with that when I arrive at the track.” There’s still so much to do.

Read the blunt reply given by Red Bull's Max Verstappen when journalists asked him about the Formula 1 Las Vegas GP.Read the blunt reply given by Red Bull's Max Verstappen when journalists asked him about the Formula 1 Las Vegas GP.

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On the Racing

Max Verstappen spoke with a lot of stoicism about the racing aspect at the Las Vegas GP. He said: “I need to use the simulator. I still don’t understand the track. To tell the truth, I think that the last time I tried to drive there on the F1 simulator, I hit more wall than I was going straight. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen when I actually start driving.

It’s going be very different [Brazil]It is very cold at night.

“We don’t have any experience.” We don’t understand the track grip. This is all brand new. Maybe it will surprise us.

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On the Value

Max Verstappen provided a concise and short answer to the question about the value of the Las Vegas GP to Formula 1. Red Bull’s driver said: “It depends on who and what.”

“In terms of racing spectacle, maybe not, but maybe in terms of potential partners for F1, and the whole show around it – but again, I’m not into it.”

Stefano Domenicali, or anyone in Formula 1 Management, will not send a Christmas card to the Red Bull Driver.

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