Max Verstappen became the 1st F1 driver ever to do this.


Max Verstappen has won the first Las Vegas GP for 40 years. In the process, he achieved a historic feat that no other Formula 1 drivers have ever done.

Max Verstappen broke another unanticipated record in Formula 1. The sport has seen 74 seasons and 1100 Grands Prix. Red Bull’s Max Verstappen won the Las Vegas GP in a cold, Saturday night. But his victory was anything other than. He had a close encounter with Charles Leclerc as well as a small tussle between him and George Russell. Red Bull driver won the Las Vegas GP and became the first Formula 1 driver in a season to win 3 races within the same country.

Triple Victory!

Max Verstappen has had an amazing Formula 1 Season. He is dominating like no one else. He has broken almost all the individual Formula 1 driving records. This year, he set another record in the Las Vegas GP while driving his Red Bull.

This year, Formula 1 held three races in America. Max Verstappen was the winner of all three. He was the very first Formula 1 driver ever to do so. How unique is this?

Red Bull's Max Verstappen won the Las Vegas GP and achieved a feat that no other driver has achieved in Formula 1.

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There are only 3 chances to win.

2023 marked the third Formula 1 year that featured three races in a single nation. The first season also included the Las Vegas GP. The 1982 season featured three races in the USA, Long Beach, Detroit, Caesar’s Palace. Three different drivers won all three races that season.

2020 was the second time that we had 3 races in one country. The calendar was rearranged and new tracks were added to the mix thanks to Covid. Italy was a big beneficiary, as we got Imola and Mugello along with Monza.

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Imola is still around, but we never went back to Mugello. Lewis Hamilton could have set this record in that year, but due to a penalty he received at Monza, he only managed 2 of 3.

Max Verstappen, who won the Las Vegas GP in 2010, has also won six races in the United States. Who do think will stop Max Verstappen?

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