Logan Paul’s Boxing Exit Followed by Dillon Danis’ Surprise Retirement


Dillon Danis Calls It Quits After Logan Paul’s Boxing Retirement

Logan Paul and Dillon Danis generated significant buzz in combat sports last month, becoming the focal point of this year’s largest boxing pay-per-view event. Their ongoing feud has consistently drawn fan interest, driving PPV sales. Despite their important roles in the sport’s biggest event of this year, both simultaneously announced their retirement from fighting. Let’s delve into the details surrounding this decision.

Dillon Danis Joins Logan Paul in Boxing Retirement Decision

Recently, Paul achieved his first victory, but it seems he’s opting to leave boxing for another combat arena. Logan Paul has announced his decision to shift focus and pursue a career as a full-time wrestler for WWE. This move could either excite or frustrate fans of the brand. 

In an interview with Fox Business, Paul remarked, “Yeah, I think I’ve retired from boxing,” adding, “There’s no more money in boxing. Every company’s going broke. So full-time wrestler.”

According to Paul, Ngannou earned $10 million, surpassing his overall earnings in MMA, highlighting the lucrative nature of boxing. However, Paul himself expressed dissatisfaction with his earnings, leading him to pursue a full-time career as a WWE superstar. Following this, Danis also announced his retirement, stating that it’s time for him to step away from the sport.

On X, Danis announced his retirement. Notably, Danis is Conor McGregor‘s partner, and McGregor is known for playfully toying with retirement announcements. Given McGregor’s history of retracting retirements and returning to the octagon, Danis’ retirement could be seen as the same move. Indeed, Danis has expressed the interest to fight in UFC, gaining support from champions like Sean O’Malley and Alex Pereira.

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However, he also stated that if the UFC doesn’t sign him, he would retire. This might be a reason why he chose to retire from the sport – perhaps the negotiations weren’t favorable. It will be interesting to see what Danis will do in the future. Will he engage in a WWE match with Logan Paul, or pursue something else?

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