Loco launches VIP, a loyalty program for platform’s paying users


The Loco VIP program is now open for all users – providing them with an unparalleled live-streaming experience like never before.

Loco, a leading independent esports platform and live game streaming platform has launched the Loco VIP program to redefine how users and streamers engage with content. The VIP loyalty program was designed with the platform’s paying customers in mind. It offers them exclusive benefits, special experiences, and recognition both on and outside the platform. Loco believes the VIP program will create a sustainable financial system for creators and ensure they can continue to produce content that their audiences love. Loco believes that this model will help the company support new content categories on its platform.

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Loco VIP program comes with the following key features that users can look forward to:

  1. Specialized Chat Text & Badges: VIP Members can accentuate their presence with distinct chat text colors and badges, ensuring they always stand out and make a statement in their favorite streamers’ chat rooms.
  2. Exclusive sticker packs: VIP members can display their excitement during a stream with brand new premium in-chat stickers that will be available only for our VIP members.
  3. Ad-Free watching: Say goodbye to interruptions! VIP members are immersed in the action with a seamless, adless viewing experience.
  4. Ultra HD 4K Streaming and specialized camera angles for select esports tournaments: Loco VIP members can immerse themselves into the world of gaming with the clearest visuals possible with exclusive member only Ultra HD 4K streams and camera angles not available to other users.
  5. VIP Leaderboards: Loco has now enabled certain streamers to run giveaways and reward their most loyal VIP fans. This transparent leaderboard system allows viewers to climb up the rankings by displaying the amount of time they spend on streams and their engagement through stickers.
  6. Exclusive invites to on-ground events: VIP members will also be invited to Loco on-ground events giving them a chance to meet their favourite creator.
  7. Discounts on Loco Store: Loco VIP members will get access to discounts on the soon to be launched Loco Store, enabling them to gain greater value on their spends on virtual goods on the Loco store


Users who purchase Loco Diamond packs are automatically enrolled in the VIP Loyalty Program without any additional charges. Users can choose the duration of their subscription. Day-wise packages start at just Rs.20. These Loco Diamond Packs are designed to be pay-as you-prefer, just like mobile recharge plans.

Loco users have enthusiastically embraced the feature. Participating streamers have seen a dramatic increase of up to 50 percent in watch hours and a 10x increase in on-platform transaction since the program began. Users are also actively competing daily to improve their chances of landing a top spot on the VIP leaderboard. VIP users have demonstrated high retention and stickiness to the platform, creating strong momentum for the programme. Loco received thousands requests to add creators to the program. Loco is launching multiple new monetization features for creators in the near future. These include exclusive streams and chats, shoutouts for creators, creator calls and direct messages from creators.

Sharing a comment on the announcement Anirudh Pandita, Founder, Loco said “At Loco, we are deeply committed to pioneering innovative business models that not only strengthen the platform but also facilitate the growth of diverse content categories. Loco VIP represents the commitment we have to transforming India’s content landscape by providing exceptional values to our users. It’s an effort to innovate the business model for content platforms in India and provide customers with excellent value. Given the roadmap we have in mind, we believe the value will compound over time with time.

The Loco VIP program is now open for all users – providing them with an unparalleled live-streaming experience, where they can watch and engage like never before.

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