Indian Football in turmoil once again? AIFF dismisses Shaji Prabakarn, secretary general of the AIFF


M Satyanarayan (Deputy Secretary of AIFF) will take over as Acting Secretary-General of AIFF immediately.

Is Indian football once again in turmoil? The recent dismissal of Shaji Prabhakaran as secretary general of the All India Football Federation, AIFF, has raised concerns about the stability of the football administration in India. Many are left wondering why Prabhakaran was terminated, and what this decision means for Indian football.

M Satyanarayan (Deputy Secretary of AIFF) will assume the position of Acting General Secretary with immediate affect.

Kalyan Chaubey is the AIFF president. He officially relieved Shaji prabhakaran from his duties as secretary general. The primary reason given for the termination was a “trust gap”. Shaji had assumed this high-profile role in September 2022, which marked the beginning a new era of Indian football administration. However, this promising beginning was short-lived. Prabhakaran’s The tenure ended abruptly.

The termination notice issued by Chaubey raised questions about dynamics within the AIFF as well as the relationships between key stakeholders. The existence of a “trust gap” between the AIFF’s president and secretary general has raised concern about the AIFF’s working environment. It wasn’t just Chaubey that expressed reservations. Even the AIFF Executive Committee members were dissatisfied reportedly with Shaji prabhakaran’s performance.

AIFF under light after Shaji Prabhakaran resigns

Prabhakaran joined the AIFF after he resigned as president of Football Delhi and assumed the role of secretary-general on September 6, 2022. His appointment was a part of the changes that were initiated by the AIFF’s new dispensation after the elections held on September 2, 2022. Prabhakaran was hoped to bring positive changes in Indian football administration with his experience and leadership.

The AIFF has a leadership void since his removal. The members of the AIFF’s executive committee are expected to meet and discuss recent developments. Shaji Prabhakaran’s termination is likely to be one of the main topics. The decision is not subject to ratification as the president has the power to appoint the secretary general and dismiss him.


The decision has raised several questions about the future administration of Indian football. It is essential to understand what this sudden change means and how it could affect the AIFF’s priorities and operations moving forward. The successes and shortcomings of previous leadership may provide valuable insights about what lies ahead.

Indian football enthusiasts and stakeholders are closely watching how the AIFF handles this change and navigates its way forward. The AIFF’s decisions and actions will have a major impact on the future of Indian Football. The organization will also need to address any concerns which led to the termination of Shaji Prabhakaran. The dynamics and workings of the AIFF are likely to continue to be a subject of interest for Indian football fans and other observers.

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