The final of the World Cup between India and Australia has been halted after a pitch invader supporting Palestine heckles Virat Kohli


A pitch invasion by a fan wearing a shirt in support of Palestine and LGBTQ briefly halted IND vs AUS with Virat Kohli appearing uncomfortable

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India’s World Cup finals 2023 innings against Australia was briefly stopped after a pitch invader. The IND vs AUS match, which was being played in the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad for a few moments, was stopped after a reported invasion of the pitch by one of the spectators. India was 3 wickets behind at the end the 13th over, when the disruption happened.

The pitch invasion briefly stops the IND vs AUS match

A fan wearing a T-shirt that read ‘Stop bombing Palestine’ and seemingly supporting the LGBTQ+ community reportedly invaded the pitch towards the end of the 13th over. Virat Kohli was in the crease when the invader approached him. He appeared to be uncomfortable. Security quickly rushed in to contain the invader.

According to reports, the police arrested the pitch invader soon after. The game continued without incident shortly after the incident.

Fans scream foul after pitch invasion during World Cup 2023 finals

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