“Great Guy”, Alex Pereira, Sean O’Malley wants Dana White to Sign Dillon Danis


UFC champions Alex Pereira and Sean O’Malley both urge Dana White to sign Dillon Danis with the UFC.

Dillon Danis, a prominent figure in the combat sport industry, has been well-known for a few years. He became even more popular after he fought Logan Paul in a match of boxing, but he lost. His trash-talking was the reason for his immense popularity after the fight. Danis recently expressed his interest in joining the UFC, mentioning the potential of making money by talking to UFC President Dana White. UFC champions, like Sean O’Malley or Alex Pereira, want Danis to join the UFC.

Dillon Danis and Alex Pereira want to see him in UFC

Dillon Danis recently became a free-agent after leaving Bellator. UFC stars like Alex Pereira and Sean O’Malley expressed their interest to see him join the UFC.

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O’Malley feels that the UFC can benefit from signing Danis, now that he’s free. O’Malley discussed his reasons for why the UFC should sign him during an interview with The MMA Hour. “I want to watch it,” “Give this guy a fight, give him whomever you like. He loses – that guy, whoever beats him, you’ve got a name…I’d like to see him in the UFC. Give him someone to watch on Pay-Per View.”

During UFC 295 press conferenceAlex Pereira, upon being asked about his training under Danis, praised Danis by calling him talented. He said “He is a very gifted child. We had two sessions. He’s great. Pereira described Danis as a wonderful person and mentioned that they had two productive sessions. Pereira supports Dillon Danis’s decision to join the UFC.

Conor McGregor is Danis’ teammate and two-division UFC Champion. Pereira and O’Malley, two prominent figures, have also expressed support for Danis’ debut in the UFC.

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Dana White has yet to confirm whether Danis will compete for the UFC. Fans eagerly await news on Danis’s possible progress in the UFC.

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