Goretzka urges German FA not to allow Saudi Arabia to host FIFA World Cup 2034


Leon Goreztka calls on the German FA not to allow Saudi Arabia to host the FIFA 2034 World Cup

Leon Goretzka has made a powerful statement. He pleaded for the German Football Association (DFB) to make it clear that Saudi Arabia shouldn’t be hosting the World Cup 2034. FIFA declared that Saudi Arabia had been the sole bidder. This confirmed Saudi Arabia’s hosting the competition. This decision has not been well received by many players and media. FIFA seems to be going ahead with the decision. Now, an extremely renowned player has spoken about the FIFA decision.

Goretzka urges German FA to speak against Saudi Arabia hosting 2034 FIFA World CupGoretzka urges German FA to speak against Saudi Arabia hosting 2034 FIFA World Cup
Goretzka urges German FA not to allow Saudi Arabia to host FIFA World Cup 2034

Goretzka is not happy that Saudi Arabia will host the FIFA World Cup in 2034

Australia was the sole other contender to compete with Saudi Arabia in the bid to host the FIFA World Cup. But the Aussies pulled their bid, citing the fact that they did not want to compete against a nation like Saudi Arabia, which has the resources.

According to Daily MailGoretzka, speaking before Germany’s upcoming friendlies against Austria, and Turkey, criticized Qatar, for winning the World Cup last year. He also claimed the “mistake” has not yet been corrected, since Saudi Arabia will host the competition.

Leon was asked by Goretzka if the German FA should send a strong message against the awarding the FIFA World Cup in Saudi Arabia. Leon’s response was stern. He said. ‘I definitely see it that way, that still stands, the mistake was in the awarding (of the 2022 tournament to Qatar) and in the criteria that played a role. It has been evidently not corrected, and this is definitely not good.

FIFA has yet to approve Saudi Arabia as a host country; this is likely to happen in the next year.

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Qatar & Saudi Arabia will have same issues hosting WC

German athletes are known for covering their lips in protest. This was due FIFA’s decision last year to ban LGBTQ armbands in advance of their World Cup game against Japan.

Their act of defiance in the Khalifa Stadium in Doha came after the world football governing body threatened to impose sanctions on teams and captains should they proceed with their plan to wear the ‘OneLove’ armband. This was seen as a protest against the laws in Qatar which prohibit homosexuality.

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Qatar’s human-rights record, treatment of migrants, and position regarding same-sex couples have all contributed to criticisms of the country’s hosting of the 2022 World Cup. Saudi Arabia has also been criticized for its human rights violations. It is not surprising that these countries were awarded the FIFA World Cup.

Saudi Arabia’s summer temperatures can exceed 43 degrees Celsius, so the 2034 FIFA World Cup may also be held during the winter months.

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