Fernando Alonso is anti-Verstappen and backs lavish Las Vegas GP opening ceremony


Fernando Alonso’s words were more pleasant after Max Verstappen was brutally beaten. He also had a wish for the future.

The Las Vegas GP Opening Ceremony divided opinions among Formula 1 fans. While some fans were attracted to the pomp, older fans simply wanted to watch the drivers. This difference of opinion will only grow as Liberty Media plans to keep Las Vegas in business. The opening ceremony also divided opinions among drivers. While Max Verstappen criticized the event bluntly, Fernando Alonso said some nice things, as reported in PlanetF1.

“Deserves a little bit different…”

Fernando Alonso showed a greater level of acceptance than Max Verstappen during the Las Vegas GP’s opening ceremony. He understood the significance of the event to Formula 1 and was aware of the massive $500m investment.

Fernando Alonso, who is very practical, said that events such as the Las Vegas GP deserve a different treatment and a little more show. He said: “I must say that places like this and with the investment made on the place where we are racing, it deserve a bit different treatment and an extra show of what we have done today or what will be the weekend.”

Despite disagreeing with Max Verstappen, Fernando Alonso had a request for Formula 1 after the Las Vegas GP Opening Ceremony.

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Formula 1: A Request

Fernando Alonso asked Formula 1 a question while accepting the Las Vegas GP Opening Ceremony. As we know, Formula 1 racers do much more than race during a weekend.

The entire Thursday, (Wednesday at the Las Vegas GP), will be reserved for the media duties of the drivers. They have more media duties after each session during the weekend. Then, add the marketing commitments from their sponsors and you have a very busy schedule.

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Fernando Alonso wants Formula 1 reduce their other commitments after the Las Vegas GP Opening Ceremony. This would allow them to have more time for these elaborate events.

He said, “It’s okay for me to do extra work for these types of events, but perhaps it could be balanced and our schedule reduced somewhere else.”

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