Everton fans angry at lack of action in Manchester City case as PL docks 10 PL points from Everton


Manchester City has not yet received any punishment for the over 100 charges that it has faced on the same lines.

Everton was docked 10 points by the Premier League for violating Financial Fair Play rules. Everton fans are angry at the stepmotherly treatment they have received. Manchester City has not been punished for the over 100 charges that have been filed against them.

Manchester City was found guilty of more 100 Financial Fair Play violations over a nine-year period, from 2009-10 until 2017-18. After a lengthy investigation into the club, which was bogged down by legal proceedings, it was confirmed by the league that the alleged violations had been handed to a commission. City could face several sanctions. Sanctions can range from point deductions to expulsion from the league.

Pep guardiola’s team has not yet been punished. Toffee fans have been enraged by this, accusing the Premier League of apathy.

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Fans fume at inaction in Manchester City's case as PL docks 10-points off Everton

Trolls galore

A popular Twitter page called Troll Football wrote, “Man City with 115 FFP charges – Nothing happens Everton with 1 FFP charge – 10 points deduction.”

Another football site wrote “Man City and Chelsea watch Everton get hit by a 10 point deduction” followed by a funny clip. Check it out:

Another user commented on the same lines.
“115 charges for Manchester City = silence
1 charge Everton = 10 points deduction
“Make it make sense.”

Another page posted a video of Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola twirling with the caption: “Guardiola seeing Everton receive a 10-point deduction despite knowing that Manchester City is accused of 115 offenses”

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