Despite poor performance at the Cricket World Cup, Babar Azam and Shaheen Afridi top ICC rankings


Despite their team’s poor performance in the World Cup, Pakistani senior players Shaheen afridi and Babar azam are currently at top of ICC ODI rating.

Pakistan pacer Shaheen Afridi The World Cup’s three-wicket haul by the bowler, claiming the top spot on the ICC ODI rankings. Babar Azam, the captain of Pakistan, has also managed to maintain his top spot as a batter despite his poor performances in World Cup. Babar Azam and Co. defeated Bangladesh recently to keep their World Cup aspirations alive.

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Shaheen Afridi has achieved the top ranking in the world for the first.

Afridi’s three wickets in Pakistan’s emphatic victory over Bangladesh on Tuesday in Kolkata kept his side’s hopes of reaching the semi-finals alive. It also helped propel the 23-year old past nine of his contemporaries and claim the mantle of the No.1 ranked bowler for ODI.

Afridi’s nine-spot leap has seen Australia’s Josh Hazlewood (second), India’s Mohammed Siraj (3rd) and South Africa’s Keshav Maraj (4th) all drop a place. Meanwhile, spin duo Kuldeep Yaddav (7th) and Mujeeb Ul Rahman (8th) both gain two positions inside the top 10

Afridi is the first Pakistani player to hold the No.1 ranking, and this means that Pakistani players are able to hold on to the top spots in two ODI categories at the same time. Babar Azam continues his narrow lead in the respective batting list.

Babar AzamBabar Azam

Babar Azam, the Pakistani captain, is now just two points behind the leader in the ODI batsman rankings. The Pakistani captain was almost penalized for a nine-run innings against Bangladesh.

Shubman Gil, the closest challenger from India, has only managed 104 runs in four knocks.

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