Cristiano Ronaldo tries his best to silence rival fans shouting Messi’s name


Cristiano Ronaldo tries a to silence Al-Ettifaq’s fans after they start chanting Lionel Messi’s Name to throw Ronaldo from his game.

Cristiano Ronaldo calms down the fans who chant Messi’s name

Cristiano Ronaldo played for Al-Nassr against Al-Ettifaq during the Round of 16 of The Kings Cup of Champions. This match took place one day after Lionel Messi won his 8th Ballon d’Or. Al-Ettifaq’s fans took advantage to try and knock the Portuguese star off of his game.

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Al-Ettifaq’s fans chanted Messi’s name during the game. This tactic has already been used by rival supporters several times. Ronaldo was affected more than usual by this, as it came just a few days after Messi’s Ballon d’Or.

Cristiano Ronaldo replied to the Al-Ettifaq fan by telling them to calm themselves down and shushing them. This was not in character for the Portuguese national. Ronaldo does not usually seem to be affected by rival fans trying their best to stop him from playing. This gesture, however appeared to affect him.

Ronaldo appears to request that the referee be substituted

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Al-Nassr’s Cristiano Ronaldo managed to narrowly beat Al-Ettifaq 1-0. Sadio mane, the ex-Liverpool player, scored in the 107th minutes of the match to give Al-Nassr a 1-0 lead. This goal was the deciding one in the Round 16 match between Al-Nassr vs Al-Ettifaq. Al-Nassr was the winner of the match by a 1-0 score and advanced to the next stage.

Ronaldo was not at his best during the entire game. He had some questionable moments. Ronaldo, in addition to shushing Al-Ettifaq’s fans, appeared to ask that the referee should be replaced. This happened after the referee had made two controversial calls just before the end the first half.

Anderson Talisca was able to score Al-Nassr. However, the goal was controversially called offside due to Cristiano Ronaldo being deemed to be onside. Referee showed Anderson Talisca a red card for violent conduct minutes later. Ronaldo was not happy with this and appeared to make a gesture to replace the referee. 

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