CoD Mobile Season 10 is a big challenge for players


The $100 USD challenge is part of the CoD Mobile Season 10 Update. Players compete against each other in 1v1 battles to win a place in Finals.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 10 is now available in the game. Activision has introduced a new challenge where players can win USD 100. The CoD Mobile Season 10 Challenge has been launched. Players compete against each other for rewards. Below you will find detailed information on the challenge.

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CoD Mobile Season 10 Challenge

Each Challenge Season weekly Duel Competition is divided up into rounds. It is a 1v1 single elimination. You’ll move on to the following round if you win; if you lose, then you’re out. The top 3 teams in this bracket will automatically qualify for the S10 Challenge Season Finals. Players who click on the Register button get put into a pool. When an admin clicks “Close registration”, the bot will randomly choose the maximum number of users who can register for the tournament.

Memnos Island is now available in a new update

Ground War: Breach will launch its own original map Memnos Island – the largest Multiplayer map made ever. Call of Duty Mobile. This idyllic location mixes ancient ruins and new construction. It also includes a secret base, where Atlas conducts his business away from prying eyes. Explore the map’s rugged terrain and explore many points of interest, including the Templar Crypt Ruins.

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