CoD Mobile Season 10 BP Vault includes 3 Battle Passes in the past


Activision has brought back 3 Battle Passes for CoD Mobile Season 10 BP Vault as part of the fourth anniversary update of Call of Duty Mobile.

CoD Mobile Season 10 BP Vault brings three Battle Passes from the past

Call of Duty Mobile’s 4th Anniversary Update is now live. The update includes the CoD Mobile Season 10 BP Vault, which features three Battle Passes in the past. The Battle Pass Vault includes Season 8 – 2nd Anniversary (2021), Season 9 – Shadows Return (2021), and Season 11 – Final Snow (2021). See below for the return rewards of each Battle Pass.

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The 2nd Anniversary Battle Pass will include –

  • Velikan Volcanic Ash
  • Price Bravo 6
  • General Shepherd
  • Alias Battleworn
  • R9 0 Master of Snakes
  • Tattered Shot CR-56
  • Holger 26 Anodized
  • RUS-79U Hard Spike
  • RMK2 – Future Sharpshooter

The Shadows Return Battle Pass will include –

  • Templars Unredeemed
  • Stansfield
  • Alice Rime
  • Yegor Needleworked
  • LK24 Vanquished
  • Silent Reaver KRM-262
  • SVD Black Ironwood
  • PP19-Bizon Hidden Prowler
  • AS VAL Tagger

The Final Snow Battle Pass will include –

  • Vagr Modir Whispers of Winter
  • Atlas Crash
  • Soap Cliffhanger
  • Keegan Huntsman
  • KN44 Frosted Spikes
  • PKM Boru
  • Man-O-War Wolf Mane
  • MSMC Deceitful Deity
  • Echo Tasty treat

CoD Mobile Season 10 Ground War Mode – Ground War: Breach

Ground War Breach will be available for the entire season. This mode will be featured on the largest MP map every to come to CODM – Memnos Island. Enter our Memnos Island Vacation Sweepstakes if an Island adventure is what you’re craving right now. here.

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