Christian Horner says “everyone is slightly f****d”


Christian Horner and his team had a successful Las Vegas GP. They secured a podium double. After the race, Horner has a request he wants to make to Formula 1.

Christian Horner can be proud of the Las Vegas GP. His team had an amazing race. Max Verstappen took another win while Sergio Perez continued to show his improved form and finished third. Red Bull’s first ever 1-2 in Formula 1 drivers championship was achieved by Perez. Red Bull’s boss had a few requests for Formula 1 following the race. Crash.

A Truly Taxing Schedule

Many fans forget that Formula 1 is more than just the faces they see. There are hundreds of people involved in the race, including the team principals, drivers and other staff. This was due to the schedule of the Las Vegas GP.

The Las Vegas GP began at 10pm local time. It’s really late. However, FP2 was supposed to start at midnight. FP2 began at 2:30 am due to the delays that occurred in FP1. Formula 1 was not a happy place for the teams.

The Las Vegas GP was a very good result for Red Bull. However, Christian Horner has some requests for Formula 1 after the race.

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“A Great Event”

Christian Horner began his speech by praising Las Vegas GP. Christian Horner said: “It was a big race and, as with anything, we’ll have a little debriefing to see what went well and what could be improved.”

“When you consider the interest shown in this race, there is no doubt that it has been phenomenal. As a first-time event, there will be many lessons to be learned.

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“Brutal for team”

Christian Horner, speaking on behalf of Red Bull and criticizing the Las Vegas GP Schedule.

He said, “I believe one of the factors we look at is the schedule because it’s brutal for the team and all those behind the scenes.” I think everybody’s leaving Vegas slightly f****d.”

“You can’t please every television audience.” This is a US race, so it would be better to run at 8 o’clock or later.

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