BGMI players face a problem with UC Purchase


Battlegrounds Mobile India players are having problems purchasing UC and subscribing Prime.

Battlegrounds Mobile India players are experiencing problems purchasing Prime Subscription and UC. Currently, Players cannot purchase UC and Prime Subscription. Please see the BGMI UC Purchase Issue.

BGMI Prime Subscription and UC Purchase Issue

The players are frustrated by the problems with BGMI’s money transactions. They cannot buy UC, Prime Subscription or a Prime Subscription due to the fact that the money transactions are not working in BGMI. Many players have experienced problems with transactions on BGMI which prevented them from renewing their memberships. We advise players to avoid making any in-game purchases to buy UC as this could cause problems.

Krafton said:, We have identified an issue with UC Purchase ad Prime Subscription renewal from 10:00 AM on wards. We are currently investigating this issue and we will get back to you as soon as it gets resolved.

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Krafton is working on the problem and will resolve it as quickly as possible. Players should remain calm and wait until Krafton releases an official update regarding the resolution of the issue. The players have paid for the UC, but it has not been credited to their account. These players should wait 24 hours. If it is not added to your account, please contact Krafton via their official website. They will investigate. These types of problems occur in Battlegrounds Mobile India due to game issues. However, Krafton always resolves these issues.

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