Collins’ Dictionary has added the word ‘Bazball’ to its official dictionary. It is also included in their Word of the Year list.


Collins defines Bazball, as “a style in Test cricket in the which the batting side is played in a highly-aggressive manner”.

‘Bazball’ a famous term in the cricketing fraternity is now being added into the dictionary after being named as one of Collins’ 10 words of the year. Collins defines Bazball “a style in Test cricket where the batting team plays in an aggressive manner”. Its origin is “C21: named after Brendon Mccullum, also known as Baz (born in 1981), New Zealand cricketer/coach”. Meanwhile, Australian batter Marnus Labuschagne gave a hilarious reaction on the latest development calling it ‘Garbage’. ‘

Marnus labuschagne

The term ‘Bazball’ was first coined by a journalist Andrew Miller after England cricket named Brendon McCullum’s as the head coach last year. ‘Baz’ hence comes from the long-standing nickname for McCullum during his playing days, who himself was known for his aggressive brand of cricket.

Labuschagne’s reaction to being told Bazball was added to the dictionary is hilarious. In a video, Labuschagne said: “Oh man, this is garbage. I don’t even know what it is. “Honestly, I don’t know what you are talking about.”

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The defending champions England are also having a tough time at the World Cup. They are at bottom of the table. England’s plan of playing aggressive cricket on Indian pitches has failed so far. The Three Lions will face Australia in the next World Cup match scheduled for November 4.

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