After Alex Pereira and Dillon Danis, he shares his retirement plans


Alex Pereira, a UFC fighter, wants to see Dillon Danis join the UFC. Danis has retirement plans in case UFC does not sign him.

Dillon Danis became a prominent name in the combat sport industry in recent years. His fame grew further after he took part in a fight against Logan Paul. His ability to trash-talk contributed to his popularity. Danis has publicly expressed his desire to fight in the UFC. Notable UFC champions such as Alex Pereira and Sean O’Malley are interested in seeing Danis compete in the organization.

After Alex Pereira, Sean O'Malley Champions Dillon Danis for UFC, He Shares Retirement PlansAfter Alex Pereira, Sean O'Malley Champions Dillon Danis for UFC, He Shares Retirement Plans

Dillon Danis shared his Retirement Plan

Dillon Danis, who recently left Bellator, has entered free agency. UFC athletes, like Alex Pereira or Sean O’Malley, have expressed their interest to see his potential move into the UFC.

Alex Pereira Said “He is a very gifted child. We had two sessions. He’s an amazing guy.” Sean O’Malley Said “I want to see it,” “Give the guy one fight. Give him whoever you want. He loses – that guy, whoever beats him, you’ve got a name…I’d like to see him in the UFC. Give him someone to watch on Pay-Per View.”

Dillon Danis, in a conversation with Ariel Helwani recently, stated that, if the UFC does not sign him, then he plans to take it easy and retire. “If they don’t, then i will retire and just chill.” Helwani asked Danis if he was interested in other MMA promotions such as PFL, ONE Championship and ONE Championship. Danis replied that he wasn’t interested.

Danis is a free agent at the moment, as the UFC has not confirmed his joining their roster. There is also uncertainty regarding the timeline. He is only interested in a UFC contract, and will not consider fighting for any other organization.

Everyone, from Alex Pereira to Sean O’Malley and Ariel Helwani wants to see Danis in the octagon. Due to his ability sell the fight, this will also be exciting for fans.

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This will give him the chance to redeem himself as a fighter. He earned it at Bellator through wins, despite his loss against Logan Paul. It is still too early to tell if he will be making his UFC début or retiring from the sport.

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